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var NotImplementedError = errors.New("not implemented yet")


func Glob added in v0.2.4

func Glob(pattern, measurement string) bool

Glob will test a string pattern, potentially containing globs, against a subject string. The result is a simple true/false, determining whether or not the glob pattern matched the subject text.

Adapted from thanks Ryan Uber!

func ReadLines

func ReadLines(filename string) ([]string, error)

ReadLines reads contents from a file and splits them by new lines. A convenience wrapper to ReadLinesOffsetN(filename, 0, -1).

func ReadLinesOffsetN

func ReadLinesOffsetN(filename string, offset uint, n int) ([]string, error)

ReadLines reads contents from file and splits them by new line. The offset tells at which line number to start. The count determines the number of lines to read (starting from offset):

n >= 0: at most n lines
n < 0: whole file


type Duration

type Duration struct {
	Duration time.Duration

Duration just wraps time.Duration

func (*Duration) UnmarshalTOML

func (d *Duration) UnmarshalTOML(b []byte) error

UnmarshalTOML parses the duration from the TOML config file

type JSONFlattener added in v0.10.0

type JSONFlattener struct {
	Fields map[string]interface{}

func (*JSONFlattener) FlattenJSON added in v0.10.0

func (f *JSONFlattener) FlattenJSON(
	fieldname string,
	v interface{},
) error

FlattenJSON flattens nested maps/interfaces into a fields map

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