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var (
	GlobalVerbosity = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.Verbosity, Short: "v", Usage: "CLI verbosity (0 is quiet, 1 is the default, 2 is verbose)", DefaultValue: 1}
	GlobalServer    = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.Server, Usage: "Server URL"}

	ClientOnly = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.ClientOnly, Usage: "If set, the CLI won't connect to remote server"}

	NamespaceFunction    = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.NamespaceFunction, Aliases: []string{"fns"}, Usage: "Namespace for function object", DefaultValue: metav1.NamespaceDefault}
	NamespaceEnvironment = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.NamespaceEnvironment, Aliases: []string{"envns"}, Usage: "Namespace for environment object", DefaultValue: metav1.NamespaceDefault}
	NamespacePackage     = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.NamespacePackage, Aliases: []string{"pkgns"}, Usage: "Namespace for package object", DefaultValue: metav1.NamespaceDefault}
	NamespaceTrigger     = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.NamespaceTrigger, Aliases: []string{"triggerns"}, Usage: "Namespace for trigger object", DefaultValue: metav1.NamespaceDefault}
	NamespaceCanary      = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.NamespaceCanary, Aliases: []string{"canaryns"}, Usage: "Namespace for canary config object", DefaultValue: metav1.NamespaceDefault}

	RunTimeMinCPU    = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.RuntimeMincpu, Usage: "Minimum CPU to be assigned to pod (In millicore, minimum 1)"}
	RunTimeMaxCPU    = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.RuntimeMaxcpu, Usage: "Maximum CPU to be assigned to pod (In millicore, minimum 1)"}
	RunTimeTargetCPU = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.RuntimeTargetcpu, Usage: "Target average CPU usage percentage across pods for scaling", DefaultValue: 80}
	RunTimeMinMemory = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.RuntimeMinmemory, Usage: "Minimum memory to be assigned to pod (In megabyte)"}
	RunTimeMaxMemory = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.RuntimeMaxmemory, Usage: "Maximum memory to be assigned to pod (In megabyte)"}

	ReplicasMin = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.ReplicasMinscale, Usage: "Minimum number of pods (Uses resource inputs to configure HPA)", DefaultValue: 1}
	ReplicasMax = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.ReplicasMaxscale, Usage: "Maximum number of pods (Uses resource inputs to configure HPA)", DefaultValue: 1}

	FnName                  = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnName, Usage: "Function name"}
	FnSpecializationTimeout = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.FnSpecializationTimeout, Aliases: []string{"st"}, Usage: "Timeout for executor to wait for function pod creation", DefaultValue: fv1.DefaultSpecializationTimeOut}
	FnEnvName               = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnEnvironmentName, Usage: "Environment name for function"}
	FnPkgName               = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnPackageName, Aliases: []string{"pkg"}, Usage: "Name of the existing package (--deploy and --src and --env will be ignored), should be in the same namespace as the function"}
	FnEntryPoint            = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnEntrypoint, Aliases: []string{"entry"}, Usage: "Entry point for environment v2 to load with"}
	FnBuildCmd              = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnBuildCmd, Usage: "Package build command for builder to run with"}
	FnSecret                = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.FnSecret, Usage: "Function access to secret, should be present in the same namespace as the function. You can provide multiple secrets using multiple --secrets flags. In the case of fn update the the secrets will be replaced by the provided list of secrets."}
	FnCfgMap                = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.FnCfgMap, Usage: "Function access to configmap, should be present in the same namespace as the function. You can provide multiple configmaps using multiple --configmap flags. In case of fn update the configmaps will be replaced by the provided list of configmaps."}
	FnExecutorType          = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnExecutorType, Usage: "Executor type for execution; one of 'poolmgr', 'newdeploy'", DefaultValue: string(fv1.ExecutorTypePoolmgr)}
	FnExecutionTimeout      = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.FnExecutionTimeout, Aliases: []string{"ft"}, Usage: "Maximum time for a request to wait for the response from the function", DefaultValue: 60}
	FnLogPod                = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnLogPod, Usage: "Function pod name (use the latest pod name if unspecified)"}
	FnLogFollow             = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.FnLogFollow, Short: "f", Usage: "Specify if the logs should be streamed"}
	FnLogDetail             = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.FnLogDetail, Short: "d", Usage: "Display detailed information"}
	FnLogDBType             = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnLogDBType, Usage: "Log database type, e.g. influxdb (currently only influxdb is supported)", DefaultValue: "influxdb"}
	FnLogReverseQuery       = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.FnLogReverseQuery, Short: "r", Usage: "Specify the log reverse query base on time, it will be invalid if the 'follow' flag is specified"}
	FnLogCount              = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.FnLogCount, Usage: "Get N most recent log records", DefaultValue: 20}
	FnTestBody              = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.FnTestBody, Short: "b", Usage: "Request body"}
	FnTestTimeout           = Flag{Type: Duration, Name: flagkey.FnTestTimeout, Short: "t", Usage: "Length of time to wait for the response. If set to zero or negative number, no timeout is set", DefaultValue: 30 * time.Second}
	FnTestHeader            = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.FnTestHeader, Short: "H", Usage: "Request headers"}
	FnTestQuery             = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.FnTestQuery, Short: "q", Usage: "Request query parameters: -q key1=value1 -q key2=value2"}
	FnIdleTimeout           = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.FnIdleTimeout, Usage: "The length of time (in seconds) that a function is idle before pod(s) are eligible for recycling", DefaultValue: 120}

	HtName              = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.HtName, Usage: "HTTP trigger name"}
	HtMethod            = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.HtMethod, Usage: "HTTP Method: GET|POST|PUT|DELETE|HEAD", DefaultValue: http.MethodGet}
	HtUrl               = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.HtUrl, Usage: "URL pattern (See gorilla/mux supported patterns)"}
	HtHost              = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.HtHost, Usage: "Use --ingressrule instead", Deprecated: true, Substitute: flagkey.HtIngressRule}
	HtIngress           = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.HtIngress, Usage: "Creates ingress with same URL"}
	HtIngressRule       = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.HtIngressRule, Usage: "Host for Ingress rule: --ingressrule host=path (the format of host/path depends on what ingress controller you used)"}
	HtIngressAnnotation = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.HtIngressAnnotation, Usage: "Annotation for Ingress: --ingressannotation key=value (the format of annotation depends on what ingress controller you used)"}
	HtIngressTLS        = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.HtIngressTLS, Usage: "Name of the Secret contains TLS key and crt for Ingress (the usability of TLS features depends on what ingress controller you used)"}
	HtFnName            = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.HtFnName, Usage: "Name(s) of the function for this trigger. (If 2 functions are supplied with this flag, traffic gets routed to them based on weights supplied with --weight flag.)"}
	HtFnWeight          = Flag{Type: IntSlice, Name: flagkey.HtFnWeight, Usage: "Weight for each function supplied with --function flag, in the same order. Used for canary deployment"}
	HtFnFilter          = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.HtFilter, Usage: "Name of the function for trigger(s)"}

	TtName   = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.TtName, Usage: "Time Trigger name"}
	TtCron   = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.TtCron, Usage: "Time trigger cron spec with each asterisk representing respectively second, minute, hour, the day of the month, month and day of the week. Also supports readable formats like '@every 5m', '@hourly'"}
	TtFnName = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.TtFnName, Usage: "Function name"}
	TtRound  = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.TtRound, Usage: "Get next N rounds of invocation time", DefaultValue: 1}

	MqtName           = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.MqtName, Usage: "Message queue trigger name"}
	MqtFnName         = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.MqtFnName, Usage: "Function name"}
	MqtMQType         = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.MqtMQType, Usage: "Message queue type, e.g. nats-streaming, azure-storage-queue, kafka", DefaultValue: "nats-streaming"}
	MqtTopic          = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.MqtTopic, Usage: "Message queue Topic the trigger listens on"}
	MqtRespTopic      = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.MqtRespTopic, Usage: "Topic that the function response is sent on (response discarded if unspecified)"}
	MqtErrorTopic     = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.MqtErrorTopic, Usage: "Topic that the function error messages are sent to (errors discarded if unspecified"}
	MqtMaxRetries     = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.MqtMaxRetries, Usage: "Maximum number of times the function will be retried upon failure", DefaultValue: 0}
	MqtMsgContentType = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.MqtMsgContentType, Short: "c", Usage: "Content type of messages that publish to the topic", DefaultValue: "application/json"}

	EnvName                   = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.EnvName, Usage: "Environment name"}
	EnvPoolsize               = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.EnvPoolsize, Usage: "Size of the pool", DefaultValue: 3}
	EnvImage                  = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.EnvImage, Usage: "Environment image URL"}
	EnvBuilderImage           = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.EnvBuilderImage, Usage: "Environment builder image URL"}
	EnvBuildCmd               = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.EnvBuildcommand, Usage: "Build command for environment builder to build source package"}
	EnvKeepArchive            = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.EnvKeeparchive, Usage: "Keep the archive instead of extracting it into a directory (mainly for the JVM environment because .jar is one kind of zip archive)"}
	EnvExternalNetwork        = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.EnvExternalNetwork, Usage: "Allow pod to access external network (only works when istio feature is enabled)"}
	EnvTerminationGracePeriod = Flag{Type: Int64, Name: flagkey.EnvGracePeriod, Aliases: []string{"period"}, Usage: "Grace time (in seconds) for pod to perform connection draining before termination (default value will be used if 0 is given)", DefaultValue: 360}
	EnvVersion                = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.EnvVersion, Usage: "Environment API version (1 means v1 interface)", DefaultValue: 1}
	EnvImagePullSecret        = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.EnvImagePullSecret, Usage: "Secret for Kubernetes to pull an image from a private registry"}

	KwName      = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.KwName, Usage: "Watch name"}
	KwFnName    = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.KwFnName, Usage: "Function name"}
	KwNamespace = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.KwNamespace, Aliases: []string{"ns"}, Usage: "Namespace of resource to watch", DefaultValue: metav1.NamespaceDefault}
	KwObjType   = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.KwObjType, Usage: "Type of resource to watch (Pod, Service, etc.)", DefaultValue: "pod"}
	KwLabels    = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.KwLabels, Usage: "Label selector of the form a=b,c=d"}

	PkgName           = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgName, Usage: "Package name"}
	PkgForce          = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.PkgForce, Short: "f", Usage: "Force update a package even if it is used by one or more functions"}
	PkgEnvironment    = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgEnvironment, Usage: "Environment name"}
	PkgBuildCmd       = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgBuildCmd, Usage: "Build command for builder to run with"}
	PkgOutput         = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgOutput, Short: "o", Usage: "Output filename to save archive content"}
	PkgStatus         = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgStatus, Usage: `Filter packages by status`}
	PkgOrphan         = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.PkgOrphan, Usage: "Orphan packages that are not referenced by any function"}
	PkgCode           = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgCode, Usage: "URL or local path for single file source code"}
	PkgDeployArchive  = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.PkgDeployArchive, Aliases: []string{"deploy"}, Usage: "URL or local paths for binary archive"}
	PkgDeployChecksum = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgDeployChecksum, Usage: "SHA256 checksum of deploy archive when providing URL"}
	PkgSrcArchive     = Flag{Type: StringSlice, Name: flagkey.PkgSrcArchive, Aliases: []string{"source", "src"}, Usage: "URL or local paths for source archive"}
	PkgSrcChecksum    = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.PkgSrcChecksum, Usage: "SHA256 checksum of source archive when providing URL"}
	PkgInsecure       = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.PkgInsecure, Usage: "Skip generating SHA256 checksum for file integrity validation"}

	SpecSave     = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.SpecSave, Usage: "Save to the spec directory instead of creating on cluster"}
	SpecDir      = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.SpecDir, Usage: "Directory to store specs, defaults to ./specs"}
	SpecName     = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.SpecName, Usage: "Name for the app, applied to resources as a Kubernetes annotation"}
	SpecDeployID = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.SpecDeployID, Aliases: []string{"id"}, Usage: "Deployment ID for the spec deployment config"}
	SpecWait     = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.SpecWait, Usage: "Wait for package builds"}
	SpecWatch    = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.SpecWatch, Usage: "Watch local files for change, and re-apply specs as necessary"}
	SpecDelete   = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.SpecDelete, Usage: "Allow apply to delete resources that no longer exist in the specification"}
	SpecDry      = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.SpecDry, Usage: "View the generated specs"}

	SupportOutput = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.SupportOutput, Short: "o", Usage: "Output directory to save dump archive/files", DefaultValue: flagkey.DefaultSpecOutputDir}
	SupportNoZip  = Flag{Type: Bool, Name: flagkey.SupportNoZip, Usage: "Save dump information into multiple files instead of single zip file"}

	CanaryName              = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.CanaryName, Usage: "Name for the canary config"}
	CanaryTriggerName       = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.CanaryHTTPTriggerName, Usage: "Http trigger that this config references"}
	CanaryNewFunc           = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.CanaryNewFunc, Aliases: []string{"newfn"}, Usage: "New version of the function"}
	CanaryOldFunc           = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.CanaryOldFunc, Aliases: []string{"oldfn"}, Usage: "Old stable version of the function"}
	CanaryWeightIncrement   = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.CanaryWeightIncrement, Aliases: []string{"step"}, Usage: "Weight increment step for function", DefaultValue: 20}
	CanaryIncrementInterval = Flag{Type: String, Name: flagkey.CanaryIncrementInterval, Aliases: []string{"internal"}, Usage: "Weight increment interval, string representation of time.Duration, ex : 1m, 2h, 2d", DefaultValue: "2m"}
	CanaryFailureThreshold  = Flag{Type: Int, Name: flagkey.CanaryFailureThreshold, Aliases: []string{"threshold"}, Usage: "Threshold in percentage beyond which the new version of the function is considered unstable", DefaultValue: 10}


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type Flag

type Flag struct {
	Name         string
	Type         FlagType
	Short        string // one-letter abbreviated flag
	Aliases      []string
	Usage        string
	DefaultValue interface{}

	// If a flag is marked as deprecated, it will hided from
	// the help message automatically. Hence, a flag cannot be
	// marked as hidden and deprecated at the same time.
	Hidden     bool
	Deprecated bool
	// flag name to replace the deprecated flag
	Substitute string

type FlagSet

type FlagSet struct {
	Global   []Flag
	Required []Flag
	Optional []Flag

type FlagType

type FlagType = int
const (
	Bool FlagType = iota + 1

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