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const Type = "cbreaker"


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func CliFlags

func CliFlags() []cli.Flag

func FromCli

func FromCli(c *cli.Context) (plugin.Middleware, error)

FromCli constructs the middleware from the command line arguments

func FromOther

func FromOther(c Spec) (plugin.Middleware, error)

FromOther is used to read spec from the serialized format

func GetSpec

func GetSpec() *plugin.MiddlewareSpec


type Params

type Params struct {
	Condition threshold.Predicate
	Fallback  middleware.Middleware
	Options   circuitbreaker.Options

Params to instantiate circuit breaker middleware instance

type Spec

type Spec struct {
	// Condition is a JSON dictionary formula to set circuit breaker in "Tripped" state
	Condition string
	// Fallback is a JSON dictionary with fallback action, such as response or redirect
	Fallback interface{}

	// OnTripped defines JSON dict with action executed after (Standby -> Tripped) transition takes place
	OnTripped interface{}
	// OnStandby defines JSON dict with action executed after (Recovering -> Standby) transition takes place)
	OnStandby interface{}

	// FallbackDuration defines time period for circuit breaker to activate fallback scenario for all requests
	FallbackDuration time.Duration

	// Recovery duration defines time period for circuit breaker to increase traffic to the original upstream.
	RecoveryDuration time.Duration

	// CheckPeriod defines the period between circuit breaker checks
	CheckPeriod time.Duration

Spec defines circuit breaker middleware parameters

func NewSpec

func NewSpec(condition string, fallback, onTripped, onStandby interface{}, fallbackDuration, recoveryDuration, checkPeriod time.Duration) (*Spec, error)

NewSpec check parameters and returns new specification for the middleware

func (*Spec) NewMiddleware

func (c *Spec) NewMiddleware() (middleware.Middleware, error)

NewMiddleware vulcan library compatible middleware

func (*Spec) String

func (c *Spec) String() string

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