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Generates mock implementation for gRPC services that allows to use gRPC services in UI Testing and Mock Testing.


Lets take a simple proto file like below,

service EchoService {
    rpc Echo(EchoRequest) returns (EchoResponse);

This will generate a file containing this,

// MockEchoServiceServer is the mock implementation of the EchoServiceServer. Use this to create mock services that
// return random data. Useful in UI Testing.
type MockEchoServiceServer struct{}

// Echo is mock implementation of the method Echo
func (MockEchoServiceServer) Echo(context.Context, *EchoRequest) (*EchoResponse, error) {
	var res EchoResponse
	return &res, nil

How to use it?

Just go get it and it will add the plugin to your path,

go get -u

Then use the plugin like below,

protoc -I ./example --mock_out=:./example ./example/example.proto


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