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type CA added in v0.39.0

type CA struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CA is a Certificate Authority.

func NewCA added in v0.41.0

func NewCA() *CA

NewCA initializes a Certificate Authority.

func (*CA) GenerateAndSignNodeCert added in v0.39.0

func (ca *CA) GenerateAndSignNodeCert(input *NodeCSRInput) (*Certificate, error)

GenerateAndSignNodeCert generates and signs a node certificate, key and CSR based on the provided input and signs it with the CA.

func (*CA) GenerateCACert added in v0.39.0

func (ca *CA) GenerateCACert(input *CACSRInput) (*Certificate, error)

GenerateCACert generates a CA certificate, key and CSR based on the provided input.

func (*CA) SetCACert added in v0.39.0

func (ca *CA) SetCACert(cert *Certificate) error

SetCACert sets the CA certificate with the provided certificate and key.

type CACSRInput added in v0.37.0

type CACSRInput struct {
	CommonName       string
	Country          string
	Locality         string
	Organization     string
	OrganizationUnit string
	Expiry           time.Duration

CACSRInput struct.

type CaPaths added in v0.37.0

type CaPaths interface {
	NodeCertAbsFilename(identifier string) string
	NodeCertKeyAbsFilename(identifier string) string
	NodeCertCSRAbsFilename(identifier string) string
	NodeTLSDir(string) string
	CaDir() string

type Cert added in v0.39.0

type Cert struct {

Cert is a wrapper struct for the Certificate Authority and the Certificate Storage.

type CertStorage added in v0.39.0

type CertStorage interface {
	LoadCaCert() (*Certificate, error)
	LoadNodeCert(nodeName string) (*Certificate, error)
	StoreCaCert(cert *Certificate) error
	StoreNodeCert(nodeName string, cert *Certificate) error

CertStorage is an interface that wraps methods to load and store certificates.

type Certificate added in v0.37.0

type Certificate struct {
	Cert []byte
	Key  []byte
	Csr  []byte

Certificate stores the combination of Cert and Key along with the CSR if available.

func NewCertificateFromFile added in v0.37.0

func NewCertificateFromFile(certFilePath, keyFilePath, csrFilePath string) (*Certificate, error)

NewCertificateFromFile creates a new Certificate by loading cert, key and csr (if exists) from respecting files.

func (*Certificate) Write added in v0.37.0

func (c *Certificate) Write(certPath, keyPath, csrPath string) error

Write writes the cert, key and csr to disk.

type LocalDirCertStorage added in v0.37.0

type LocalDirCertStorage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LocalDirCertStorage is a certificate storage, that stores certificates in a local directory.

func NewLocalDirCertStorage added in v0.37.0

func NewLocalDirCertStorage(paths CaPaths) *LocalDirCertStorage

NewLocalDirCertStorage inits a new LocalDirCertStorage.

func (*LocalDirCertStorage) LoadCaCert added in v0.37.0

func (c *LocalDirCertStorage) LoadCaCert() (*Certificate, error)

LoadCaCert loads the CA certificate from disk.

func (*LocalDirCertStorage) LoadNodeCert added in v0.37.0

func (c *LocalDirCertStorage) LoadNodeCert(nodeName string) (*Certificate, error)

LoadNodeCert loads the node certificate from disk. Used to load CA certificate as well, as CA certificate can be seen as node named "ca".

func (*LocalDirCertStorage) StoreCaCert added in v0.37.0

func (c *LocalDirCertStorage) StoreCaCert(cert *Certificate) error

StoreCaCert stores the given CA certificate in a file in the baseFolder.

func (*LocalDirCertStorage) StoreNodeCert added in v0.37.0

func (c *LocalDirCertStorage) StoreNodeCert(nodeName string, cert *Certificate) error

StoreNodeCert stores the given certificate in a file in the baseFolder.

type NodeCSRInput added in v0.37.0

type NodeCSRInput struct {
	Hosts            []string
	CommonName       string
	Country          string
	Locality         string
	Organization     string
	OrganizationUnit string
	Expiry           time.Duration

NodeCSRInput struct.

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