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const DownloadURLTTL = 10 * time.Minute

DownloadURLTTL is how long a download URL is valid for.


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type BackupStore

type BackupStore interface {
	IsValid() error
	GetRevision() (string, error)

	ListBackups() ([]string, error)

	PutBackup(name string, metadata, contents, log, volumeSnapshots io.Reader) error
	GetBackupMetadata(name string) (*arkv1api.Backup, error)
	GetBackupVolumeSnapshots(name string) ([]*volume.Snapshot, error)
	GetBackupContents(name string) (io.ReadCloser, error)
	DeleteBackup(name string) error

	PutRestoreLog(backup, restore string, log io.Reader) error
	PutRestoreResults(backup, restore string, results io.Reader) error
	DeleteRestore(name string) error

	GetDownloadURL(target arkv1api.DownloadTarget) (string, error)

BackupStore defines operations for creating, retrieving, and deleting Ark backup and restore data in/from a persistent backup store.

func NewObjectBackupStore

func NewObjectBackupStore(location *arkv1api.BackupStorageLocation, objectStoreGetter ObjectStoreGetter, logger logrus.FieldLogger) (BackupStore, error)

type ObjectStoreGetter

type ObjectStoreGetter interface {
	GetObjectStore(provider string) (cloudprovider.ObjectStore, error)

ObjectStoreGetter is a type that can get a cloudprovider.ObjectStore from a provider name.

type ObjectStoreLayout

type ObjectStoreLayout struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ObjectStoreLayout defines how Ark's persisted files map to keys in an object storage bucket.

func NewObjectStoreLayout

func NewObjectStoreLayout(prefix string) *ObjectStoreLayout

func (*ObjectStoreLayout) GetResticDir

func (l *ObjectStoreLayout) GetResticDir() string

GetResticDir returns the full prefix representing the restic directory within an object storage bucket containing a backup store.


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