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type ErrorGroup

type ErrorGroup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An ErrorGroup waits for a collection of goroutines that return errors to finish. The main goroutine calls Go one or more times to execute a function that returns an error in a goroutine. Then it calls Wait to wait for all goroutines to finish and collect the results of each.

func (*ErrorGroup) Go

func (eg *ErrorGroup) Go(action func() error)

Go runs the specified function in a goroutine.

func (*ErrorGroup) GoErrorSlice

func (eg *ErrorGroup) GoErrorSlice(action func() []error)

GoErrorSlice runs a function that returns a slice of errors in a goroutine.

func (*ErrorGroup) Wait

func (eg *ErrorGroup) Wait() []error

Wait waits for all functions run via Go to finish, and returns all of their errors.

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