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type Snapshot

type Snapshot struct {
	Spec SnapshotSpec `json:"spec"`

	Status SnapshotStatus `json:"status"`

Snapshot stores information about a persistent volume snapshot taken as part of an Ark backup.

type SnapshotPhase

type SnapshotPhase string

SnapshotPhase is the lifecyle phase of an Ark volume snapshot.

const (
	// SnapshotPhaseNew means the volume snapshot has been created but not
	// yet processed by the VolumeSnapshotController.
	SnapshotPhaseNew SnapshotPhase = "New"

	// SnapshotPhaseCompleted means the volume snapshot was successfully created and can be restored from..
	SnapshotPhaseCompleted SnapshotPhase = "Completed"

	// SnapshotPhaseFailed means the volume snapshot was unable to execute.
	SnapshotPhaseFailed SnapshotPhase = "Failed"

type SnapshotSpec

type SnapshotSpec struct {
	// BackupName is the name of the Ark backup this snapshot
	// is associated with.
	BackupName string `json:"backupName"`

	// BackupUID is the UID of the Ark backup this snapshot
	// is associated with.
	BackupUID string `json:"backupUID"`

	// Location is the name of the VolumeSnapshotLocation where this snapshot is stored.
	Location string `json:"location"`

	// PersistentVolumeName is the Kubernetes name for the volume.
	PersistentVolumeName string `json:persistentVolumeName`

	// ProviderVolumeID is the provider's ID for the volume.
	ProviderVolumeID string `json:"providerVolumeID"`

	// VolumeType is the type of the disk/volume in the cloud provider
	// API.
	VolumeType string `json:"volumeType"`

	// VolumeAZ is the where the volume is provisioned
	// in the cloud provider.
	VolumeAZ string `json:"volumeAZ,omitempty"`

	// VolumeIOPS is the optional value of provisioned IOPS for the
	// disk/volume in the cloud provider API.
	VolumeIOPS *int64 `json:"volumeIOPS,omitempty"`

type SnapshotStatus

type SnapshotStatus struct {
	// ProviderSnapshotID is the ID of the snapshot taken in the cloud
	// provider API of this volume.
	ProviderSnapshotID string `json:"providerSnapshotID,omitempty"`

	// Phase is the current state of the VolumeSnapshot.
	Phase SnapshotPhase `json:"phase,omitempty"`

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