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var (
	// ErrMultipleCharts multiple charts found
	ErrMultipleCharts = errors.New("multiple charts found")
	// ErrNoChartsFound no charts found for the name
	ErrNoChartsFound = fmt.Errorf("Could not find the chart")


func Update

func Update()


type HelmOverrideRegistry

type HelmOverrideRegistry struct {
	HelmRegistry     HelmRegistry `koanf:"registry"`
	Charts           []string     `koanf:"charts"`
	AllowAllReleases bool         `koanf:"allowAllReleases"`

HelmOverrideRegistry contains information about which registry to use to fetch helm versions

type HelmRegistries

type HelmRegistries struct {
	OverrideChartNames map[string]string      `koanf:"overrideChartNames"`
	OverrideRegistries []HelmOverrideRegistry `koanf:"override"`
	RegistryNames      []string               `koanf:"registryNames"`

HelmRegistries contains all the information regarding helm registries

func (HelmRegistries) GetLatestVersionFromHelm

func (h HelmRegistries) GetLatestVersionFromHelm(chart string) string

GetLatestVersionFromHelm fetches the latest version of the helm chart

type HelmRegistry

type HelmRegistry struct {
	URL       string     `koanf:"url"`
	SecretRef *SecretRef `koanf:"secretRef"`

HelmRegistry contains information about the helm registry

type IndexEntries

type IndexEntries struct {
	Entries map[string][]IndexEntry `yaml:"entries"`

IndexEntries contains configured Helm indexes

type IndexEntry

type IndexEntry struct {
	Name    string `yaml:"name"`
	Version string `yaml:"version"`

IndexEntry the actual Helm index information

type SecretRef

type SecretRef struct {
	Name    string `yaml:"name"`
	UserKey string `yaml:"userKey"`
	PassKey string `yaml:"passKey"`

SecretRef contains information about a secret

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