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const (

	// Major means a major difference between two versions
	Major = "MAJOR"
	// Minor means a minor difference between two versions
	Minor = "MINOR"
	// Patch means a patch difference between two versions
	Patch = "PATCH"
	// Same means two versions are the same
	Same = "SAME"
	// Unknown means the difference between the two versions is unknown
	Unknown = "UNKNOWN"

	// Notfound means a version could not be found
	Notfound = "NOTFOUND"
	// Failure means something went wrong went finding the version
	Failure = "FAILURE"
	// MultipleChartsFound means that multiple charts were found and that's why the search failed. Specify overwrites in config.
	// Nodata indicates there was not a failure but there wasn't any data
	Nodata = "NODATA"


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func DetermineLifeCycleStatus

func DetermineLifeCycleStatus(latestVersion string, currentVersion string) string

DetermineLifeCycleStatus compares two versions to determin the status of the difference

func FindHighestVersionInList

func FindHighestVersionInList(versions []string, allowAllReleases bool) string

FindHighestVersionInList finds the highest version in an list of versions or returns NOTFOUND


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