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Package hexonet implements a registrar that uses the hexonet api to set name servers. It will self register it's providers when imported.



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type HXClient

type HXClient struct {
	APILogin    string
	APIPassword string
	APIEntity   string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HXClient describes a connection to the hexonet API.

func (*HXClient) EnsureDomainExists

func (n *HXClient) EnsureDomainExists(domain string) error

EnsureDomainExists returns an error * if access to dnszone is not allowed (not authorized) or * if it doesn't exist and creating it fails

func (*HXClient) GetDomainCorrections

func (n *HXClient) GetDomainCorrections(dc *models.DomainConfig) ([]*models.Correction, error)

GetDomainCorrections gathers correctios that would bring n to match dc.

func (*HXClient) GetHXApiError

func (n *HXClient) GetHXApiError(format string, objectid string, r *lr.ListResponse) error

GetHXApiError returns an error including API error code and error description.

func (*HXClient) GetNameservers

func (n *HXClient) GetNameservers(domain string) ([]*models.Nameserver, error)

GetNameservers gets the nameservers set on a domain.

func (*HXClient) GetRegistrarCorrections

func (n *HXClient) GetRegistrarCorrections(dc *models.DomainConfig) ([]*models.Correction, error)

GetRegistrarCorrections gathers corrections that would being n to match dc.

type HXRecord

type HXRecord struct {
	// Raw api value of that RR
	Raw string
	// DomainName is the zone that the record belongs to.
	DomainName string
	// Host is the hostname relative to the zone: e.g. for a record for blog.example.org, domain would be "example.org" and host would be "blog".
	// An apex record would be specified by either an empty host "" or "@".
	// A SRV record would be specified by "_{service}._{protocal}.{host}": e.g. "_sip._tcp.phone" for _sip._tcp.phone.example.org.
	Host string
	// FQDN is the Fully Qualified Domain Name. It is the combination of the host and the domain name. It always ends in a ".". FQDN is ignored in CreateRecord, specify via the Host field instead.
	Fqdn string
	// Type is one of the following: A, AAAA, ANAME, CNAME, MX, NS, SRV, or TXT.
	Type string
	// Answer is either the IP address for A or AAAA records; the target for ANAME, CNAME, MX, or NS records; the text for TXT records.
	// For SRV records, answer has the following format: "{weight} {port} {target}" e.g. "1 5061 sip.example.org".
	Answer string
	// TTL is the time this record can be cached for in seconds.
	TTL uint32
	// Priority is only required for MX and SRV records, it is ignored for all others.
	Priority uint32

HXRecord covers an individual DNS resource record.

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