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func Adapters

func Adapters() []string

Adapters returns the list of registered adapters

func New

func New(config *config.Stats) (stats.Stats, error)

func Register

func Register(name string, adapter Adapter)

Register makes a stats adapter available by the provided name. If an adapter is registered twice or if an adapter is nil, it will panic.


type Adapter

type Adapter func(config map[string]string) (stats.Stats, error)

Adapter returns a new store initialised with the given config

type Void

type Void struct{}

Void is a null stats adapter

func (*Void) Count

func (s *Void) Count(key string, n interface{}, meta[string]string)

func (*Void) Dec

func (s *Void) Dec(key string, meta[string]string)

func (*Void) Gauge

func (s *Void) Gauge(key string, n interface{}, meta[string]string)

func (*Void) Histogram

func (s *Void) Histogram(key string, n interface{}, tags[string]string)

func (*Void) Inc

func (s *Void) Inc(key string, meta[string]string)

func (*Void) SetLogger

func (s *Void) SetLogger(l log.Logger)

func (*Void) Start

func (s *Void) Start()

func (*Void) Stop

func (s *Void) Stop()

func (*Void) Timing

func (s *Void) Timing(key string, t time.Duration, meta[string]string)

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