A command-line tool for getting weekly summary of a user's open-source work, specific to Go contributors. It uses maintner to get more detailed statistics about Go contributions, and it uses the GitHub API to get information on other GitHub contributions.

The tool infers the week for which to produce snippets based on the time at which the user runs the command. Alternatively, a user can specify the week via a flag.

It produces data on the following:

  • CLs merged in any of the Go repos
  • CLs in-progress in any of the Go repos
  • CLs reviewed in any of the Go repos
  • Number of Go issues opened, closed, or commented on
  • GitHub PRs merged
  • GitHub PRs in-progress
  • GitHub PRs reviewed
  • Number of GitHub issues opened, closed, and commented on


go get


You will need to set the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable to get GitHub contributions. See GitHub Token below on how to do this. The -email flag is a comma-separated list that specifies a user's Gerrit email. The -username flag is a user's GitHub username. Both of these are optional and can be omitted if the user only wants data on Gerrit contributions or GitHub contributions.

An optional -week flag can be optionally provided to specify the week for which to collect snippets. The date provided to this flag can be any date in the intended week, in the format 2006-01-02. Without this flag, the tool will infer the week for which to generate snippets based on the date on which the command is being executed.

$ snippets -username=bob
GitHub Token

Grab a token from It will need:

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