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erratic - a plugin useful for testing client behavior.


erratic returns a static response to all queries, but the responses can be delayed, dropped or truncated. The erratic plugin will respond to every A or AAAA query. For any other type it will return a SERVFAIL response. The reply for A will return (see RFC 5737, for AAAA it returns 2001:DB8::53 (see RFC 3849) and for an AXFR request it will respond with a small zone transfer.

erratic can also be used in conjunction with the autopath plugin. This is mostly to aid in testing.


erratic {
    drop [AMOUNT]
    truncate [AMOUNT]
    delay [AMOUNT [DURATION]]
  • drop: drop 1 per AMOUNT of queries, the default is 2.
  • truncate: truncate 1 per AMOUNT of queries, the default is 2.
  • delay: delay 1 per AMOUNT of queries for DURATION, the default for AMOUNT is 2 and the default for DURATION is 100ms.

In case of a zone transfer and truncate the final SOA record isn't added to the response.


This plugin implements dynamic health checking. For every dropped query it turns unhealthy.


. {
    erratic {
        drop 3

Or even shorter if the defaults suits you. Note this only drops queries, it does not delay them.

. {

Delay 1 in 3 queries for 50ms

. {
    erratic {
        delay 3 50ms

Delay 1 in 3 and truncate 1 in 5.

. {
    erratic {
        delay 3 5ms
        truncate 5

Drop every second query.

. {
    erratic {
        drop 2
        truncate 2

Also See

RFC 3849 and RFC 5737.



Package erratic implements a plugin that returns erratic answers (delayed, dropped).



This section is empty.


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type Erratic

type Erratic struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Erratic is a plugin that returns erratic responses to each client.

func (*Erratic) AutoPath

func (e *Erratic) AutoPath(state request.Request) []string

AutoPath implements the AutoPathFunc call from the autopath plugin.

func (*Erratic) Health added in v1.0.0

func (e *Erratic) Health() bool

Health implements the health.Healther interface.

func (*Erratic) Name

func (e *Erratic) Name() string

Name implements the Handler interface.

func (*Erratic) ServeDNS

func (e *Erratic) ServeDNS(ctx context.Context, w dns.ResponseWriter, r *dns.Msg) (int, error)

ServeDNS implements the plugin.Handler interface.

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