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type Daemon

type Daemon struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDaemon

func NewDaemon(logger *log.Logger) *Daemon

func (*Daemon) GetDependencies

func (*Daemon) GetDependencies() []string

func (*Daemon) Start

func (d *Daemon) Start() error

func (*Daemon) Stop

func (*Daemon) Stop() error

func (*Daemon) WaitEnable

func (d *Daemon) WaitEnable()

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	PropsMu   sync.RWMutex
	NTPServer string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewManager

func NewManager(service *dbusutil.Service) (*Manager, error)

func (*Manager) GetExportedMethods

func (v *Manager) GetExportedMethods() dbusutil.ExportedMethods

func (*Manager) GetInterfaceName

func (*Manager) GetInterfaceName() string

func (*Manager) SetLocalRTC

func (m *Manager) SetLocalRTC(sender dbus.Sender, enabled bool, fixSystem bool, message string) *dbus.Error

SetLocalRTC to control whether the RTC is the local time or UTC.

func (*Manager) SetNTP

func (m *Manager) SetNTP(sender dbus.Sender, enabled bool, message string) *dbus.Error

SetNTP to control whether the system clock is synchronized with the network

func (*Manager) SetNTPServer

func (m *Manager) SetNTPServer(sender dbus.Sender, server, message string) *dbus.Error

func (*Manager) SetTime

func (m *Manager) SetTime(sender dbus.Sender, usec int64, relative bool, message string) *dbus.Error

SetTime set the current time and date, pass a value of microseconds since 1 Jan 1970 UTC

func (*Manager) SetTimezone

func (m *Manager) SetTimezone(sender dbus.Sender, timezone, message string) *dbus.Error

SetTimezone set the system time zone, the value from /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab

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