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type AppFileResource

type AppFileResource struct {
	Path string `json:"fn"`
	Sha1 string `json:"sha1"`
	Size int64  `json:"size"`

type AppRouteEntity

type AppRouteEntity struct {
	Host   string
	Domain struct {
		Entity struct {
			Name string

type AppRouteResource

type AppRouteResource struct {
	Entity AppRouteEntity

func (AppRouteResource) ToFields

func (resource AppRouteResource) ToFields() (route models.RouteSummary)

func (AppRouteResource) ToModel

func (resource AppRouteResource) ToModel() (route models.RouteSummary)

type ApplicationEntity

type ApplicationEntity struct {
	Name               *string             `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Command            *string             `json:"command,omitempty"`
	State              *string             `json:"state,omitempty"`
	SpaceGuid          *string             `json:"space_guid,omitempty"`
	Instances          *int                `json:"instances,omitempty"`
	Memory             *uint64             `json:"memory,omitempty"`
	DiskQuota          *uint64             `json:"disk_quota,omitempty"`
	StackGuid          *string             `json:"stack_guid,omitempty"`
	Stack              *StackResource      `json:"stack,omitempty"`
	Routes             *[]AppRouteResource `json:"routes,omitempty"`
	Buildpack          *string             `json:"buildpack,omitempty"`
	EnvironmentJson    *map[string]string  `json:"environment_json,omitempty"`
	HealthCheckTimeout *int                `json:"health_check_timeout,omitempty"`

func NewApplicationEntityFromAppParams

func NewApplicationEntityFromAppParams(app models.AppParams) ApplicationEntity

type ApplicationResource

type ApplicationResource struct {
	Entity ApplicationEntity

func (ApplicationResource) ToFields

func (resource ApplicationResource) ToFields() (app models.ApplicationFields)

func (ApplicationResource) ToModel

func (resource ApplicationResource) ToModel() (app models.Application)

type AuthTokenEntity

type AuthTokenEntity struct {
	Label    string
	Provider string

type AuthTokenResource

type AuthTokenResource struct {
	Entity AuthTokenEntity

func (AuthTokenResource) ToFields

func (resource AuthTokenResource) ToFields() (authToken models.ServiceAuthTokenFields)

type BuildpackEntity

type BuildpackEntity struct {
	Name     string `json:"name"`
	Position *int   `json:"position,omitempty"`
	Enabled  *bool  `json:"enabled,omitempty"`
	Key      string `json:"key,omitempty"`
	Filename string `json:"filename,omitempty"`
	Locked   *bool  `json:"locked,omitempty"`

type BuildpackResource

type BuildpackResource struct {
	Entity BuildpackEntity

func (BuildpackResource) ToFields

func (resource BuildpackResource) ToFields() models.Buildpack

type DomainEntity

type DomainEntity struct {
	Name                   string `json:"name"`
	OwningOrganizationGuid string `json:"owning_organization_guid,omitempty"`
	Wildcard               bool   `json:"wildcard"`

type DomainResource

type DomainResource struct {
	Entity DomainEntity

func (DomainResource) ToFields

func (resource DomainResource) ToFields() models.DomainFields

type EventResource

type EventResource interface {
	ToFields() models.EventFields

type EventResourceNewV2

type EventResourceNewV2 struct {
	Entity struct {
		Timestamp time.Time
		Type      string
		ActorName string `json:"actor_name"`
		Metadata  map[string]interface{}

func (EventResourceNewV2) ToFields

func (resource EventResourceNewV2) ToFields() models.EventFields

type EventResourceOldV2

type EventResourceOldV2 struct {
	Entity struct {
		Timestamp       time.Time
		ExitDescription string `json:"exit_description"`
		ExitStatus      int    `json:"exit_status"`
		InstanceIndex   int    `json:"instance_index"`

func (EventResourceOldV2) ToFields

func (resource EventResourceOldV2) ToFields() models.EventFields

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	Guid string `json:"guid"`
	Url  string `json:"url,omitempty"`

type OrganizationEntity

type OrganizationEntity struct {
	Name            string
	QuotaDefinition QuotaResource `json:"quota_definition"`
	Spaces          []SpaceResource
	Domains         []DomainResource

type OrganizationResource

type OrganizationResource struct {
	Entity OrganizationEntity

func (OrganizationResource) ToFields

func (resource OrganizationResource) ToFields() (fields models.OrganizationFields)

func (OrganizationResource) ToModel

func (resource OrganizationResource) ToModel() (org models.Organization)

type PaginatedApplicationResources

type PaginatedApplicationResources struct {
	Resources []ApplicationResource

type PaginatedAuthTokenResources

type PaginatedAuthTokenResources struct {
	Resources []AuthTokenResource

type PaginatedQuotaResources

type PaginatedQuotaResources struct {
	Resources []QuotaResource

type PaginatedServiceInstanceResources

type PaginatedServiceInstanceResources struct {
	TotalResults int `json:"total_results"`
	Resources    []ServiceInstanceResource

type PaginatedServiceOfferingResources

type PaginatedServiceOfferingResources struct {
	Resources []ServiceOfferingResource

type PaginatedStackResources

type PaginatedStackResources struct {
	Resources []StackResource

type QuotaResource

type QuotaResource struct {
	Entity models.QuotaFields

func (QuotaResource) ToFields

func (resource QuotaResource) ToFields() (quota models.QuotaFields)

type Resource

type Resource struct {
	Metadata Metadata

type RouteEntity

type RouteEntity struct {
	Host   string
	Domain DomainResource
	Space  SpaceResource
	Apps   []ApplicationResource

type RouteResource

type RouteResource struct {
	Entity RouteEntity

func (RouteResource) ToFields

func (resource RouteResource) ToFields() (fields models.Route)

func (RouteResource) ToModel

func (resource RouteResource) ToModel() (route models.Route)

type ServiceBindingEntity

type ServiceBindingEntity struct {
	AppGuid string `json:"app_guid"`

type ServiceBindingResource

type ServiceBindingResource struct {
	Entity ServiceBindingEntity

func (ServiceBindingResource) ToFields

func (resource ServiceBindingResource) ToFields() (fields models.ServiceBindingFields)

type ServiceBrokerEntity

type ServiceBrokerEntity struct {
	Guid     string
	Name     string
	Password string `json:"auth_password"`
	Username string `json:"auth_username"`
	Url      string `json:"broker_url"`

type ServiceBrokerResource

type ServiceBrokerResource struct {
	Entity ServiceBrokerEntity

func (ServiceBrokerResource) ToFields

func (resource ServiceBrokerResource) ToFields() (fields models.ServiceBroker)

type ServiceInstanceEntity

type ServiceInstanceEntity struct {
	Name            string
	ServiceBindings []ServiceBindingResource `json:"service_bindings"`
	ServicePlan     ServicePlanResource      `json:"service_plan"`

type ServiceInstanceResource

type ServiceInstanceResource struct {
	Entity ServiceInstanceEntity

func (ServiceInstanceResource) ToFields

func (resource ServiceInstanceResource) ToFields() (fields models.ServiceInstanceFields)

func (ServiceInstanceResource) ToModel

func (resource ServiceInstanceResource) ToModel() (instance models.ServiceInstance)

type ServiceMigrateV1ToV2Response

type ServiceMigrateV1ToV2Response struct {
	ChangedCount int `json:"changed_count"`

type ServiceOfferingEntity

type ServiceOfferingEntity struct {
	Label            string
	Version          string
	Description      string
	DocumentationUrl string `json:"documentation_url"`
	Provider         string
	ServicePlans     []ServicePlanResource `json:"service_plans"`

type ServiceOfferingResource

type ServiceOfferingResource struct {
	Entity ServiceOfferingEntity

func (ServiceOfferingResource) ToFields

func (resource ServiceOfferingResource) ToFields() (fields models.ServiceOfferingFields)

func (ServiceOfferingResource) ToModel

func (resource ServiceOfferingResource) ToModel() (offering models.ServiceOffering)

type ServicePlanDescription

type ServicePlanDescription struct {
	ServiceLabel    string
	ServicePlanName string
	ServiceProvider string

func (ServicePlanDescription) String

func (planDesc ServicePlanDescription) String() string

type ServicePlanEntity

type ServicePlanEntity struct {
	Name                string
	ServiceOfferingGuid string                  `json:"service_guid"`
	ServiceOffering     ServiceOfferingResource `json:"service"`

type ServicePlanResource

type ServicePlanResource struct {
	Entity ServicePlanEntity

func (ServicePlanResource) ToFields

func (resource ServicePlanResource) ToFields() (fields models.ServicePlanFields)

type SpaceEntity

type SpaceEntity struct {
	Name             string
	Organization     OrganizationResource
	Applications     []ApplicationResource `json:"apps"`
	Domains          []DomainResource
	ServiceInstances []ServiceInstanceResource `json:"service_instances"`

type SpaceResource

type SpaceResource struct {
	Entity SpaceEntity

func (SpaceResource) ToFields

func (resource SpaceResource) ToFields() (fields models.SpaceFields)

func (SpaceResource) ToModel

func (resource SpaceResource) ToModel() (space models.Space)

type StackEntity

type StackEntity struct {
	Name        string
	Description string

type StackResource

type StackResource struct {
	Entity StackEntity

func (StackResource) ToFields

func (resource StackResource) ToFields() *models.Stack

type UAAUserFields

type UAAUserFields struct {
	Id string

type UAAUserResource

type UAAUserResource struct {
	Username string                 `json:"userName"`
	Emails   []UAAUserResourceEmail `json:"emails"`
	Password string                 `json:"password"`
	Name     UAAUserResourceName    `json:"name"`

func NewUAAUserResource

func NewUAAUserResource(username, password string) UAAUserResource

type UAAUserResourceEmail

type UAAUserResourceEmail struct {
	Value string `json:"value"`

type UAAUserResourceName

type UAAUserResourceName struct {
	GivenName  string `json:"givenName"`
	FamilyName string `json:"familyName"`

type UAAUserResources

type UAAUserResources struct {
	Resources []struct {
		Id       string
		Username string

type UserEntity

type UserEntity struct {
	Name  string
	Admin bool

type UserResource

type UserResource struct {
	Entity UserEntity

func (UserResource) ToFields

func (resource UserResource) ToFields() models.UserFields

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