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func HTTPErrorHandler

func HTTPErrorHandler(err error, c echo.Context)

func NewRouter

func NewRouter(server *Server) *echo.Echo


type CacheStore

type CacheStore struct {
	Cache *redis.Client

    CacheStore simple redis implementation

    func (*CacheStore) Get

    func (s *CacheStore) Get(key string) (string, error)

    func (*CacheStore) Ping

    func (s *CacheStore) Ping() error

    func (*CacheStore) Set

    func (s *CacheStore) Set(key string, value interface{}, exp time.Duration) (string, error)

    type Server

    type Server struct {
    	Echo *echo.Echo // HTTP middleware
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func NewServer

    func NewServer(config *config.Configuration) *Server

      NewServer will create a new instance of the application

      func (*Server) GetCache

      func (s *Server) GetCache() *redis.Client

        GetCache returns the current redis client

        func (*Server) GetConfig

        func (s *Server) GetConfig() *config.Configuration

          GetConfig return the current app configuration

          func (*Server) GetDB

          func (s *Server) GetDB() *gorm.DB

            GetDB returns gorm (ORM)

            func (*Server) GetModelRegistry

            func (s *Server) GetModelRegistry() *models.Model

              GetModelRegistry returns the model registry

              func (*Server) GracefulShutdown

              func (s *Server) GracefulShutdown()

                GracefulShutdown Wait for interrupt signal to gracefully shutdown the server with a timeout of 5 seconds.

                func (*Server) ServeStaticFiles

                func (s *Server) ServeStaticFiles()

                  ServeStaticFiles serve static files for development purpose

                  func (*Server) Start

                  func (s *Server) Start(addr string) error

                    Start the http server

                    type UserStore

                    type UserStore struct {
                    	DB *gorm.DB

                      UserStore implements the UserStore interface

                      func (*UserStore) Create

                      func (s *UserStore) Create(m *models.User) error

                      func (*UserStore) Find

                      func (s *UserStore) Find(m *[]models.User) error

                      func (*UserStore) First

                      func (s *UserStore) First(m *models.User) error

                      func (*UserStore) Ping

                      func (s *UserStore) Ping() error

                      type Validator

                      type Validator struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      func (*Validator) Validate

                      func (v *Validator) Validate(i interface{}) error


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