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type AboutController

type AboutController struct {

func (*AboutController) Get

func (c *AboutController) Get()

type Entry

type Entry struct {
	File    string    `json:"file"`
	Level   string    `json:"level"`
	Line    int       `json:"line"`
	Message string    `json:"msg"`
	Source  string    `json:"source"`
	Time    time.Time `json:"time"`

Entry is the memory representation of a forwarded registry event

type EventsController

type EventsController struct {

EventsController handles all posting of envelopes from the registries configured endpoints in addition to all retrieval of the in memory store of posted registry events

func (*EventsController) Get

func (c *EventsController) Get()

func (*EventsController) GetEvents

func (c *EventsController) GetEvents()

GetEvents returns the JSON representation of all events received from ALL of the registries

func (*EventsController) GetRegistryEventID

func (c *EventsController) GetRegistryEventID()

GetRegistryEventID uses the passed registry and unique event id to return the json representation of the event

func (*EventsController) GetRegistryEvents

func (c *EventsController) GetRegistryEvents()

GetRegistryEvents returns the JSON representation of all events for the given registry

func (*EventsController) PostEnvelope

func (c *EventsController) PostEnvelope()

PostEnvelope is th endpoint used by the notification systems of the given registry. see for details

type LogsController

type LogsController struct {

LogsController controls all actions to modify, return, and archive logs

func (*LogsController) Archive

func (c *LogsController) Archive()

Archive executes a log rotation

func (*LogsController) Delete

func (c *LogsController) Delete()

Delete truncates all logs on disk

func (*LogsController) Get

func (c *LogsController) Get()

func (*LogsController) GetJSON

func (c *LogsController) GetJSON()

Get just parses the logs on disk, and returns them as a json object

func (*LogsController) GetLevel

func (c *LogsController) GetLevel()

GetLevel returns the strinified representation of the current log level

func (*LogsController) GetRequestStatistics

func (c *LogsController) GetRequestStatistics()

GetRequestStatistics returns stats on request information tracked by beego

func (*LogsController) PostLevel

func (c *LogsController) PostLevel()

PostLevel allows for the log level of the program to be changed dynamically

type SettingsController

type SettingsController struct {

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