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A CLI tool for the Apache Pulsar project.

Available Releases

Version Reference
0.4.1 Command Reference
0.4.0 Command Reference
0.3.0 Command Reference
0.2.0 Command Reference
0.1.0 Command Reference



You can install pulsarctl using homebrew on Mac.

brew tap streamnative/streamnative
brew install pulsarctl
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/streamnative/pulsarctl/master/install.sh)"
  1. Download the executable from https://github.com/streamnative/pulsarctl/releases.
  2. Add the pulsarctl directory to your system PATH.
  3. Type pulsarctl -h at CMD to test pulsarctl is work.

Build from code


  • Go 1.11 +

If you have not installed Go, install it according to the installation instruction.

Since the go mod package management tool is used in this project, Go 1.11 or higher version is required.

Download Code

  1. Clone the project from GitHub to your local.
git clone https://github.com/streamnative/pulsarctl.git
  1. Use go mod to get the dependencies needed for the project.
go mod download

After entering the go mod download command, if some libs can not be downloaded, then you can download them by referring to the proxy provided by GOPROXY.io.


export GO111MODULE=on

go build -o pulsarctl main.go

Enable Auto-Completion

If you want to enable autocompletion in shell, see enable_completion.

Project Status

The following is an incomplete list of features that are not yet implemented:

  • localrun
  • localrun
  • available-sources
  • reload
  • localrun
  • available-sources
  • reload
  • extract
  • delete-bookie-affinity-group
  • get-bookie-affinity-group
  • set-bookie-affinity-group
  • racks-placement
  • get-bookie-rack
  • delete-bookie-rack
  • set-bookie-rack

Different With Java Pulsar Admin

We move the subscription commands from the Topics to the Subscriptions in pulsarctl.

pulsar-admin pulsarctl
bin/pulsar-admin topics create-subscription pulsarctl subscription create
bin/pulsar-admin topics unsubscribe pulsarctl subscription delete
bin/pulsar-admin topics skip pulsarctl subscription skip
bin/pulsar-admin topics expire-messages pulsarctl subscription expire
bin/pulsar-admin topics peek-messages pulsarctl subscription peek
bin/pulsar-admin topics reset-cursor pulsarctl subscription seek
bin/pulsar-admin topics subscriptions pulsarctl subscription list


Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. For more information about how to submit a patch and the contribution workflow, see CONTRIBUTING.md.


Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0


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