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Go package to work with slices




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func EqualStrings

func EqualStrings(s1, s2 []string) bool

func IsInInt64Slice

func IsInInt64Slice(v int64, s []int64) bool

func IsInStringSlice

func IsInStringSlice(v string, s []string) bool

func MergeInt64s

func MergeInt64s(source []int64, slices ...[]int64) (result []int64, changed bool)

func MergeStrings

func MergeStrings(source []string, slices ...[]string) (result []string, changed bool)

func RemoveInt64s

func RemoveInt64s(source, remove []int64) (result []int64, removed int)

func RemoveStrings

func RemoveStrings(source, remove []string) (result []string, removed int)

func Shuffle

func Shuffle(r *rand.Rand, n int, swap func(i, j int))

Shuffle pseudo-randomizes the order of elements. n is the number of elements. Shuffle panics if n < 0. swap swaps the elements with indexes i and j.


type CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList

type CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList string

func (CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList) Add

func (CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList) Contains

func (csv CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList) Contains(v string) bool

func (CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList) Remove

func (CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList) String

func (CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList) Strings

func (csv CommaSeparatedUniqueValuesList) Strings() []string

type CommaSeparatedValuesList

type CommaSeparatedValuesList string

func (CommaSeparatedValuesList) Add

func (CommaSeparatedValuesList) Contains

func (csv CommaSeparatedValuesList) Contains(v string) bool

func (CommaSeparatedValuesList) Count

func (csv CommaSeparatedValuesList) Count() int

func (CommaSeparatedValuesList) Remove

func (CommaSeparatedValuesList) Set

func (CommaSeparatedValuesList) String

func (csv CommaSeparatedValuesList) String() string

func (CommaSeparatedValuesList) Strings

func (csv CommaSeparatedValuesList) Strings() []string

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