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Published: Sep 20, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:


func AdminAuth

func AdminAuth() echo.MiddlewareFunc

AdminAuth 用于 echo 框架的判断用户是否有管理后台权限

func AppNeedLogin

func AppNeedLogin() echo.MiddlewareFunc

AppNeedLogin 用于 echo 框架的验证必须登录的请求(APP 专用)

func AutoLogin

func AutoLogin() echo.MiddlewareFunc

AutoLogin 用于 echo 框架的自动登录和通过 cookie 获取用户信息

func BalanceCheck

func BalanceCheck() echo.MiddlewareFunc

BalanceCheck 用于 echo 框架,用户发布内容校验余额是否足够

func CheckCaptcha

func CheckCaptcha() echo.MiddlewareFunc

CheckCaptcha 用于 echo 框架校验发布验证码

func HTTPError

func HTTPError() echo.MiddlewareFunc

EchoLogger 用于 echo 框架的日志中间件

func Installed

func Installed(filterPrefixs []string) echo.MiddlewareFunc

Installed 用于 echo 框架,判断是否已经安装了

func NeedLogin

func NeedLogin() echo.MiddlewareFunc

NeedLogin 用于 echo 框架的验证必须登录的请求

func PublishNotice

func PublishNotice() echo.MiddlewareFunc

PublishNotice 用于 echo 框架,用户发布内容邮件通知站长

func Sensivite

func Sensivite() echo.MiddlewareFunc

Sensivite 用于 echo 框架的过滤发布敏感词(广告)

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