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Published: Apr 20, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 9 Imported by: 0



a small go gstreamer binding





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const (
	PAD_SRC     = PadDirection(C.GST_PAD_SRC)
	PAD_SINK    = PadDirection(C.GST_PAD_SINK)
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const (
	PadLinkOk             PadLinkReturn = C.GST_PAD_LINK_OK
	PadLinkWrongHierarchy               = C.GST_PAD_LINK_WRONG_HIERARCHY
	PadLinkWasLinked                    = C.GST_PAD_LINK_WAS_LINKED
	PadLinkWrongDirection               = C.GST_PAD_LINK_WRONG_DIRECTION
	PadLinkNoFormat                     = C.GST_PAD_LINK_NOFORMAT
	PadLinkNoSched                      = C.GST_PAD_LINK_NOSCHED
	PadLinkRefused                      = C.GST_PAD_LINK_REFUSED


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func BufferGetData

func BufferGetData(gstBuffer *Buffer) (data []byte, err error)

func CheckPlugins

func CheckPlugins(plugins []string) error


type Bin

type Bin struct {

func BinNew

func BinNew(name string) (bin *Bin)

func ParseBinFromDescription

func ParseBinFromDescription(binStr string, ghostPads bool) (bin *Bin, err error)

func (*Bin) Add

func (b *Bin) Add(child *Element)

func (*Bin) AddMany

func (b *Bin) AddMany(elements ...*Element)

func (*Bin) GetByName

func (b *Bin) GetByName(name string) (element *Element)

func (*Bin) Remove

func (b *Bin) Remove(child *Element)

type Buffer

type Buffer struct {
	C *C.GstBuffer

func BufferNewAndAlloc

func BufferNewAndAlloc(size uint) (gstBuffer *Buffer, err error)

func BufferNewWrapped

func BufferNewWrapped(data []byte) (gstBuffer *Buffer, err error)

type Bus

type Bus struct {
	C *C.GstBus

func (*Bus) HavePending

func (b *Bus) HavePending() bool

func (*Bus) Pop

func (b *Bus) Pop() (message *Message)

func (*Bus) PopTimed

func (b *Bus) PopTimed() (message *Message, err error)

func (*Bus) Pull

func (b *Bus) Pull(messageType MessageType) (message *Message)

func (*Bus) TimedPopFiltered

func (b *Bus) TimedPopFiltered(timeout time.Duration, messageType MessageType) (message *Message)

type Caps

type Caps struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CapsFromString

func CapsFromString(caps string) (gstCaps *Caps)

func (*Caps) GetStructure

func (c *Caps) GetStructure(index int) (structure *Structure)

func (*Caps) String

func (c *Caps) String() (str string)

func (*Caps) ToString

func (c *Caps) ToString() (str string)

type Clock

type Clock struct {
	C *C.GstClock

func (*Clock) GetClockTime

func (c *Clock) GetClockTime() uint64

type Element

type Element struct {
	GstElement *C.GstElement
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func ElementFactoryMake

func ElementFactoryMake(factoryName string, name string) (e *Element, err error)

func (*Element) AddPad

func (e *Element) AddPad(pad *Pad) bool

func (*Element) DumpDot

func (e *Element) DumpDot(filePath string)

func (*Element) EndOfStream

func (e *Element) EndOfStream() (err error)

func (*Element) GetBus

func (e *Element) GetBus() (bus *Bus)

func (*Element) GetClock

func (e *Element) GetClock() (gstClock *Clock)

func (*Element) GetClockBaseTime

func (e *Element) GetClockBaseTime() uint64

func (*Element) GetPadTemplate

func (e *Element) GetPadTemplate(name string) (padTemplate *PadTemplate)

func (*Element) GetRequestPad

func (e *Element) GetRequestPad(padTemplate *PadTemplate, name string, caps *Caps) (pad *Pad)

func (*Element) GetStaticPad

func (e *Element) GetStaticPad(name string) (pad *Pad)

func (*Element) IsEOS

func (e *Element) IsEOS() bool


func (e *Element) Link(dst *Element) bool

func (*Element) Name

func (e *Element) Name() (name string)

func (*Element) PullSample

func (e *Element) PullSample() (sample *Sample, err error)

func (*Element) PushBuffer

func (e *Element) PushBuffer(data []byte) (err error)

func (*Element) Query

func (e *Element) Query(q *Query) bool

func (*Element) QueryDuration

func (e *Element) QueryDuration() (time.Duration, error)

func (*Element) QueryPosition

func (e *Element) QueryPosition() (time.Duration, error)

func (*Element) Seek

func (e *Element) Seek(duration time.Duration) bool

func (*Element) SeekSimple

func (e *Element) SeekSimple(format FormatOptions, flags SeekFlags, seekPos time.Duration) bool

func (*Element) SendEvent

func (e *Element) SendEvent(event *Event) bool

func (*Element) SetObject

func (e *Element) SetObject(name string, value interface{})

func (*Element) SetPadAddedCallback

func (e *Element) SetPadAddedCallback(callback PadAddedCallback)

func (*Element) SetState

func (e *Element) SetState(state StateOptions) StateChangeReturn

func (*Element) VideoOverlayExpose

func (e *Element) VideoOverlayExpose()

VideoOverlayExpose tells an overlay that it has been exposed. This will redraw the current frame in the drawable even if the pipeline is PAUSED.

func (*Element) VideoOverlayHandleEvents

func (e *Element) VideoOverlayHandleEvents(handleEvents bool)

VideoOverlayHandleEvents tells an overlay that it should handle events from the window system. These events are forwarded upstream as navigation events. In some window system, events are not propagated in the window hierarchy if a client is listening for them. This method allows you to disable events handling completely from the GstVideoOverlay.

func (*Element) VideoOverlaySetWindowHandle

func (e *Element) VideoOverlaySetWindowHandle(windowID uintptr)

VideoOverlaySetWindowHandle will call the video overlay's set_window_handle method. You should use this method to tell to an overlay to display video output to a specific window (e.g. an XWindow on X11). Passing 0 as the handle will tell the overlay to stop using that window and create an internal one. registers the windowID for video output of the element.

type Event

type Event struct {
	GstEvent *C.GstEvent

func NewEosEvent

func NewEosEvent() (event *Event)

type FormatOptions

type FormatOptions int

type GMainLoop

type GMainLoop struct {
	C *C.GMainLoop

func MainLoopNew

func MainLoopNew() (loop *GMainLoop)

func (*GMainLoop) IsRuning

func (l *GMainLoop) IsRuning() bool

func (*GMainLoop) Quit

func (l *GMainLoop) Quit()

func (*GMainLoop) Run

func (l *GMainLoop) Run()

type Message

type Message struct {
	C *C.GstMessage

func (*Message) GetName

func (message *Message) GetName() (name string)

func (*Message) GetStructure

func (message *Message) GetStructure() (structure *Structure)

func (*Message) GetType

func (message *Message) GetType() (messageType MessageType)

func (*Message) ParseStateChanged

func (message *Message) ParseStateChanged() (oldState, newState, pending StateOptions)

type MessageType

type MessageType C.GstMessageType
const (
	MessageUnknown         MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_UNKNOWN
	MessageEos             MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_EOS
	MessageError           MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_ERROR
	MessageWarning         MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_WARNING
	MessageInfo            MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_INFO
	MessageTag             MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_TAG
	MessageBuffering       MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_BUFFERING
	MessageStateChanged    MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STATE_CHANGED
	MessageStateDirty      MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STATE_DIRTY
	MessageStepDone        MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STEP_DONE
	MessageClockProvide    MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_CLOCK_PROVIDE
	MessageClockLost       MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_CLOCK_LOST
	MessageStructureChange MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STREAM_STATUS
	MessageApplication     MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_APPLICATION
	MessageElement         MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT
	MessageSegmentStart    MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_SEGMENT_START
	MessageSegmentDone     MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_SEGMENT_DONE
	MessageDurationChanged MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_DURATION_CHANGED
	MessageLatency         MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_LATENCY
	MessageAsyncStart      MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_ASYNC_START
	MessageAsyncDone       MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_ASYNC_DONE
	MessageRequestState    MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_REQUEST_STATE
	MessageStepStart       MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STEP_START
	MessageQos             MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_QOS
	MessageProgress        MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_PROGRESS
	MessageToc             MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_TOC
	MessageResetTime       MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_RESET_TIME
	MessageStreamStart     MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STREAM_START
	MessageNeedContext     MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_NEED_CONTEXT
	MessageHaveContext     MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_HAVE_CONTEXT
	MessageExtended        MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_EXTENDED
	MessageDeviceAdded     MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_DEVICE_ADDED
	MessageDeviceRemoved   MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_DEVICE_REMOVED
	//MessagePropertyNotify   MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_PROPERTY_NOTIFY
	//MessageStreamCollection MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STREAM_COLLECTION
	//MessageStreamsSelected  MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_STREAMS_SELECTED
	//MessageRedirect         MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_REDIRECT
	MessageAny MessageType = C.GST_MESSAGE_ANY

type Pad

type Pad struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Pad) GetCurrentCaps

func (p *Pad) GetCurrentCaps() (gstCaps *Caps)

func (*Pad) IsEOS

func (p *Pad) IsEOS() bool

func (*Pad) IsLinked

func (p *Pad) IsLinked() bool
func (p *Pad) Link(sink *Pad) (padLinkReturn PadLinkReturn)

func (*Pad) Name

func (p *Pad) Name() string

func (*Pad) SetObject

func (e *Pad) SetObject(name string, value interface{})
func (p *Pad) Unlink(sink *Pad) (padLinkReturn PadLinkReturn)

type PadAddedCallback

type PadAddedCallback func(element *Element, pad *Pad)

type PadDirection

type PadDirection C.GstPadDirection

func (PadDirection) String

func (p PadDirection) String() string

type PadLinkReturn

type PadLinkReturn int

type PadTemplate

type PadTemplate struct {
	C *C.GstPadTemplate

type Pipeline

type Pipeline struct {

func ParseLaunch

func ParseLaunch(pipelineStr string) (p *Pipeline, err error)

func PipelineNew

func PipelineNew(name string) (e *Pipeline, err error)

func (*Pipeline) GetBus

func (p *Pipeline) GetBus() (bus *Bus)

func (*Pipeline) GetClock

func (p *Pipeline) GetClock() (clock *Clock)

func (*Pipeline) GetDelay

func (p *Pipeline) GetDelay() uint64

func (*Pipeline) GetLatency

func (p *Pipeline) GetLatency() uint64

func (*Pipeline) SetLatency

func (p *Pipeline) SetLatency(latency uint64)

func (*Pipeline) SetState

func (p *Pipeline) SetState(state StateOptions) StateChangeReturn

type Query

type Query struct {
	C *C.GstQuery

func QueryNewSeeking

func QueryNewSeeking(format FormatOptions) (q *Query, err error)

func (*Query) ParseSeeking

func (q *Query) ParseSeeking(format *FormatOptions) (seekable bool, segmentStart, segmentEnd time.Duration)

type Sample

type Sample struct {
	Data     []byte
	Duration uint64
	Pts      uint64
	Dts      uint64
	Offset   uint64

type SeekFlags

type SeekFlags int
const (
	SeekFlagNone        SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_NONE
	SeekFlagFlush       SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH
	SeekFlagAccurate    SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_ACCURATE
	SeekFlagKeyUnit     SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_KEY_UNIT
	SeekFlagSegment     SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_SEGMENT
	SeekFlagTrickmode   SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_TRICKMODE
	SeekFlagSkip        SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_SKIP
	SeekFlagSnapBefore  SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_SNAP_BEFORE
	SeekFlagSnapAfter   SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_SNAP_AFTER
	SeekFlagSnapNearest SeekFlags = C.GST_SEEK_FLAG_SNAP_NEAREST

type StateChangeReturn

type StateChangeReturn int

type StateOptions

type StateOptions int

type Structure

type Structure struct {
	C *C.GstStructure

func NewStructure

func NewStructure(name string) (structure *Structure)

func (*Structure) GetBool

func (s *Structure) GetBool(name string) (bool, error)

func (*Structure) GetInt

func (s *Structure) GetInt(name string) (int, error)

func (*Structure) GetInt64

func (s *Structure) GetInt64(name string) (int64, error)

func (*Structure) GetName

func (s *Structure) GetName() string

func (*Structure) GetString

func (s *Structure) GetString(name string) (string, error)

func (*Structure) GetUint

func (s *Structure) GetUint(name string) (uint, error)

func (*Structure) SetValue

func (s *Structure) SetValue(name string, value interface{})

func (*Structure) ToString

func (s *Structure) ToString() (str string)

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