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type Breathing

type Breathing struct{}

Breathing makes an entity breath: This state will not show up for entities other than players.

type EffectBearing

type EffectBearing struct {
	// ParticleColour holds the colour of the particles that are displayed around the entity.
	ParticleColour color.RGBA
	// Ambient specifies if the effects are ambient. If true, the particles will be shown less frequently
	// around the entity.
	Ambient bool

EffectBearing makes an entity show up as if it is bearing effects. Coloured particles will be shown around the player.

type Immobile

type Immobile struct{}

Immobile makes the entity able to look around but they are not able to move from their position.

type Invisible

type Invisible struct{}

Invisible makes an entity invisible, so that other players won't be able to see it.

type Named

type Named struct {
	// NameTag is the name displayed. This name may have colour codes, newlines etc in it, much like a normal
	// message.
	NameTag string

Named makes an entity show a specific name tag above it.

type OnFire

type OnFire struct{}

OnFire makes an entity show itself as on fire.

type Scaled

type Scaled struct {
	// Scale the size multiplier of the entity. 1 is the default, 0 is a completely invisible entity.
	Scale float64

Scaled makes an entity show up with a different scale.

type Sneaking

type Sneaking struct{}

Sneaking makes the entity show up as if it is sneaking.

type Sprinting

type Sprinting struct{}

Sprinting makes an entity show up as if it is sprinting: Particles will show up when the entity moves around the world.

type State

type State interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

State represents a part of the state of an entity. Entities may hold a combination of these to indicate things such as whether it is sprinting or on fire.

type Swimming

type Swimming struct{}

Swimming makes an entity show up as if it is swimming.

type UsingItem

type UsingItem struct{}

UsingItem makes an entity show itself as using the item held in its hand.

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