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func IsValidDefinition

func IsValidDefinition(source string) (valid bool, err error)

IsValidDefinition returns whether or not the given file is a valid definition


type BuildHistory

type BuildHistory struct {
	DefinitionHash string `json:"definitionHash"`
	Definition     `json:"definition"`
	Parent         *BuildHistory `json:"parent"`

BuildHistory ...

type Bundle

type Bundle struct {
	// FSObjects is a map of the filesystem objects contained in the Bundle. An object
	// will be built as one section of a SIF file.
	// Known FSObjects labels:
	//   * rootfs -> root file system
	//   * .singularity.d -> .singularity.d directory (includes image exec scripts)
	//   * data -> directory containing data files
	FSObjects   map[string]string `json:"fsObjects"`
	JSONObjects map[string][]byte `json:"jsonObjects"`
	Recipe      Definition        `json:"rawDeffile"`
	BindPath    []string          `json:"bindPath"`
	Path        string            `json:"bundlePath"`

Bundle is the temporary build environment used during the image building process. A Bundle is the programmatic representation of the directory structure which will constitute this environmenb. /tmp/...:

fs/ - A chroot filesystem
.singularity.d/ - Container metadata (from 2.x image format)
config.json (optional) - Contain information for OCI image bundle
etc... - The Bundle dir can theoretically contain arbitrary directories,
         files, etc... which can be interpreted by the Chef

func NewBundle

func NewBundle(directoryPrefix string) (b *Bundle, err error)

NewBundle creates a Bundle environment

func (*Bundle) Rootfs

func (b *Bundle) Rootfs() string

Rootfs give the path to the root filesystem in the Bundle

type Data

type Data struct {
	Files   map[string]string `json:"files"`
	Scripts `json:"buildScripts"`

Data contains any scripts, metadata, etc... that the Builder may need to know only at build time to build the image

type Definition

type Definition struct {
	Header    map[string]string `json:"header"`
	ImageData `json:"imageData"`
	BuildData Data `json:"buildData"`

Definition describes how to build an image.

func NewDefinitionFromJSON

func NewDefinitionFromJSON(r io.Reader) (d Definition, err error)

NewDefinitionFromJSON creates a new Definition using the supplied JSON.

func NewDefinitionFromURI

func NewDefinitionFromURI(uri string) (d Definition, err error)

NewDefinitionFromURI crafts a new Definition given a URI

func ParseDefinitionFile

func ParseDefinitionFile(r io.Reader) (d Definition, err error)

ParseDefinitionFile recieves a reader from a definition file and parse it into a Definition struct or return error if the definition file has a bad section.

func (*Definition) WriteDefinitionFile

func (d *Definition) WriteDefinitionFile(w io.Writer)

WriteDefinitionFile is a helper func to output a Definition struct into a definition file.

type ImageData

type ImageData struct {
	Metadata     []byte   `json:"metadata"`
	Labels       []string `json:"labels"`
	ImageScripts `json:"imageScripts"`

ImageData contains any scripts, metadata, etc... that needs to be present in some from in the final built image

type ImageScripts

type ImageScripts struct {
	Help        string `json:"help"`
	Environment string `json:"environment"`
	Runscript   string `json:"runScript"`
	Test        string `json:"test"`

ImageScripts contains scripts that are used after build time.

type MetaData

type MetaData struct {
	// DefaultCommand is the process which should be executed by default when calling
	// "singularity run ... "
	DefaultCommand string `json:"defaultCommand"`

	// Overridable sets whether or not the user supplied arguments to "singularity run ..."
	// can override the default Command.
	Overridable bool `json:"overridable"`

	// DefaultArgs are the default arguments passed to the Command to run in the Container. These
	// can *always* be overridden by arguments given to "singularity run ..."
	DefaultArgs string `json:"defaultArgs"`

	// BaseEnv provides the base environment variables of the container.
	BaseEnv []string `json:"baseEnv"`

	BuildHistory *BuildHistory `json:"buildHistory"`

MetaData ...

type Scripts

type Scripts struct {
	Pre   string `json:"pre"`
	Setup string `json:"setup"`
	Post  string `json:"post"`

Scripts defines scripts that are used at build time.

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