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func AssetAsBytes

func AssetAsBytes(path string) ([]byte, error)

func GetConditionName

func GetConditionName(ctx context.Context, clientTools *clienttools.ClientTools, namespace string) (string, error)

func Read

func Read(filePath string) (string, error)

* Can read a file or directory of files, the latter being * done by delegating to readDir if file is a directory.

func ReadDir

func ReadDir(directory string) ([]string, error)

func SetUpgradeCondition

func SetUpgradeCondition(ctx context.Context, clientTools *clienttools.ClientTools, namespace string, state ConditionState) error

Creates the condition if it does not already exist

func SubscribeOperator

func SubscribeOperator(ctx context.Context, clientTools *clienttools.ClientTools, configuration *conf.Config, olmSpec *conf.OlmSpec) error

Finds any existing subscriptions for the operator package. If there are none then it attempts to create both a subscription and operatorgroup in the namespace so that the operator can be initialised.

Returns only those artifacts that are owned by this operator, ie. those that have been given ownership by syndesis, allowing these to be tracked by the operator and tidied up. If they were not created by this operator then they remain independent and will not be tidied up if the CR is removed.


type BundleGenerator

type BundleGenerator interface {
	Generate() (err error)

func Build

func Build(config *configuration.Config, path string, image string, tag string) (m BundleGenerator)

Build the bundle generator

type CSVOut

type CSVOut struct {
	ApiVersion string `yaml:"apiVersion"`
	Kind       string
	Metadata   Metadata
	Spec       Spec

type ConditionState

type ConditionState struct {
	// The value of the condition, either metav1.ConditionTrue or metav1.ConditionFalse
	Status metav1.ConditionStatus
	// The single word reason for the condition setting
	// Must start with a letter
	// Rest of the world can include letters, numbers, commas and colons
	// Cannot end with comma or colon
	Reason string
	// The description of the reason for the condition change.
	Message string

type CustomResourceDefinition

type CustomResourceDefinition struct {
	Name        string
	Version     string
	Kind        string
	DisplayName string
	Description string

type CustomResourceDefinitions

type CustomResourceDefinitions struct {
	Owned []CustomResourceDefinition

type Icon

type Icon struct {
	Base64data string
	Mediatype  string

type Image

type Image struct {
	Name  string
	Image string

type Install

type Install struct {
	Strategy string
	Spec     InstallSpec

type InstallMode

type InstallMode struct {
	Type      string
	Supported bool

type InstallSpec

type InstallSpec struct {
	ClusterPermissions []InstallSpecPermission
	Permissions        []InstallSpecPermission
	Deployments        []InstallSpecDeployment

type InstallSpecDeployment

type InstallSpecDeployment struct {
	Name string
	Spec interface{}

type InstallSpecPermission

type InstallSpecPermission struct {
	ServiceAccountName string
	Rules              interface{}

type Label

type Label struct {
	Name string

type Labels

type Labels struct {
	Name string
type Link struct {
	Name string
	Url  string

type Maintainer

type Maintainer struct {
	Name  string
	Email string

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	Name        string
	Namespace   string
	Annotations MetadataAnnotations

type MetadataAnnotations

type MetadataAnnotations struct {
	Capabilities   string
	Categories     string
	Certified      string
	CreatedAt      string `yaml:"createdAt"`
	ContainerImage string `yaml:"containerImage"`
	Support        string
	Description    string
	Repository     string
	AlmExamples    string `yaml:"alm-examples"`

type Provider

type Provider struct {
	Name string

type Selector

type Selector struct {
	MatchLabels Label

type Spec

type Spec struct {
	DisplayName               string `yaml:"displayName"`
	Description               string
	Keywords                  []string
	Version                   string
	Maturity                  string
	Maintainers               []Maintainer
	Provider                  Provider
	Labels                    Labels
	Selector                  Selector
	Icon                      []Icon
	Links                     []Link
	InstallModes              []InstallMode `yaml:"installModes"`
	Install                   Install
	Customresourcedefinitions CustomResourceDefinitions
	RelatedImages             []Image `yaml:"relatedImages"`

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