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Circle CI

msw is a small tool that powers the ModernScienceWeekly newsletter, written in Go. This is a full rewrite of one of our internal tools we did in order to learn the Go language, which we also decided to open source. You can find our blog post about this very first experience:


  1. Install the msw command

  2. (optionally) create a configuration file ~/.msw/msw.toml:

    # ~/.msw/msw.toml
    AccessToken = "BUFFER_ACCESS_TOKEN"
    ProfileIDs  = ["BUFFER_PROFILE_ID"]
  3. Run msw:

    $ msw
    usage: msw [--version] [--help] <command> [<args>]
    Available commands are:
        generate    generate HTML for Tinyletter from a YAML file
        new         create a new empty YAML file to prepare a new issue
        validate    check that an issue is valid


$ go get

Alternatively, you can download pre-compiled packages:

Development and Testing

If you wish to work on msw itself, you'll first need Go installed (version 1.6+ is required). Make sure you have Go properly installed, including setting up your GOPATH.

Next, clone this repository into $GOPATH/src/, and run:

$ go install

You can run the test suite with the following command:

$ go test ./... [-cover]

You can build packages with gox:

$ go get
$ gox -osarch="darwin/amd64 linux/amd64" -output="pkg/msw_{{.OS}}_{{.Arch}}"
Number of parallel builds: 1

-->    darwin/amd64:
-->     linux/amd64:


msw is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.


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Package config contains the code to read user's configuration.

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