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type FSM

type FSM struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FSM implements a finite state machine that is used along with Raft to provide strong consistency. We implement this outside the Server to avoid exposing this outside the package.

func New

func New(gc *state.TombstoneGC, logOutput io.Writer) (*FSM, error)

New is used to construct a new FSM with a blank state.

func (*FSM) Apply

func (c *FSM) Apply(log *raft.Log) interface{}

func (*FSM) Restore

func (c *FSM) Restore(old io.ReadCloser) error

Restore streams in the snapshot and replaces the current state store with a new one based on the snapshot if all goes OK during the restore.

func (*FSM) Snapshot

func (c *FSM) Snapshot() (raft.FSMSnapshot, error)

func (*FSM) State

func (c *FSM) State() *state.Store

State is used to return a handle to the current state

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