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Package auth provides the functions needed to get a user information.



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var (

	// KOfflineMode allows the set the offline mode
	KOfflineMode bool


func CheckAuthenticationData

func CheckAuthenticationData(r *http.Request) *mdl.User

CheckAuthenticationData checks if authorization information in HTTP.Request is valid, ie: if it matches a user.

func CheckUserValidity

func CheckUserValidity(r *http.Request, url string, accessToken string) bool

CheckUserValidity checks user validity from an accessToken string. verify if google user account is valid.

func CurrentOfflineUser

func CurrentOfflineUser(r *http.Request, c appengine.Context) *mdl.User

CurrentOfflineUser returns pointer to current user, from authentication cookie.

func IsGonawinAdmin

func IsGonawinAdmin(c appengine.Context) bool

IsGonawinAdmin checks if user is gonawin admin.


type TwitterUserInfo

type TwitterUserInfo struct {
	Id         int64 `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Name       string
	ScreenName string `json:"screen_name,omitempty"`

TwitterUserInfo represents the twitter data needed for authentication.

func FetchTwitterUserInfo

func FetchTwitterUserInfo(r *http.Response) (*TwitterUserInfo, error)

FetchTwitterUserInfo unmarshals twitter response

type UserInfo

type UserInfo struct {
	Id    string
	Email string
	Name  string

UserInfo represents the user infor needed for authentication.

func GetUserGoogleInfo

func GetUserGoogleInfo(u *user.User) UserInfo

GetUserGoogleInfo returns user information from Google Accounts user. If on development server only email ( will be present. So Id and Name will be added.

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