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func BuildDuration

func BuildDuration(str string) time.Duration

func BuildRouteConfig

func BuildRouteConfig(rawObj interface{}) hcm.HttpConnectionManager_RouteConfig

func GetConfigSourceType added in v0.1.6

func GetConfigSourceType(typeVal string) envoy_api_v2_core1.ApiConfigSource_ApiType


type ClusterMapper

type ClusterMapper struct{}

func (*ClusterMapper) GetCluster

func (c *ClusterMapper) GetCluster(rawObj interface{}) (retCluster v2.Cluster, retErr error)

func (*ClusterMapper) GetClusters

func (c *ClusterMapper) GetClusters(clusterJson string) (retCluster []*v2.Cluster, retErr error)

func (*ClusterMapper) GetResources

func (c *ClusterMapper) GetResources(configJson string) ([]types.Any, error)

type EndpointMapper added in v0.1.6

type EndpointMapper struct{}

func (*EndpointMapper) GetClusterLoadAssignment added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetClusterLoadAssignment(rawObj interface{}) (retEndpoints *v2.ClusterLoadAssignment, retErr error)

func (*EndpointMapper) GetClusterLoadAssignments added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetClusterLoadAssignments(endpointsJson string) (retEndpoints []*v2.ClusterLoadAssignment, retErr error)

func (*EndpointMapper) GetEndpoint added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetEndpoint(rawObj interface{}) *envoy_api_v2_endpoint.Endpoint

func (*EndpointMapper) GetLbEndpoint added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetLbEndpoint(rawObj interface{}) envoy_api_v2_endpoint.LbEndpoint

func (*EndpointMapper) GetLbEndpoints added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetLbEndpoints(rawObj interface{}) []envoy_api_v2_endpoint.LbEndpoint

func (*EndpointMapper) GetLocalityLbEndpoints added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetLocalityLbEndpoints(rawObj interface{}) []envoy_api_v2_endpoint.LocalityLbEndpoints

func (*EndpointMapper) GetResources added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetResources(configJson string) ([]types.Any, error)

func (*EndpointMapper) GetSocketAddress added in v0.1.6

func (e *EndpointMapper) GetSocketAddress(rawObj interface{}) *envoy_api_v2_core1.Address

type ListenerMapper

type ListenerMapper struct{}

func (*ListenerMapper) GetListener

func (c *ListenerMapper) GetListener(rawObj interface{}) (retListener v2.Listener, retErr error)

func (*ListenerMapper) GetListeners

func (c *ListenerMapper) GetListeners(listenerJson string) (retListener []v2.Listener, retErr error)

func (*ListenerMapper) GetResources

func (l *ListenerMapper) GetResources(configJson string) ([]types.Any, error)

type MapperStruct

type MapperStruct interface {
	GetResources(configJson string) ([]types.Any, error)

func GetMapperFor

func GetMapperFor(topic string) MapperStruct

GetMapperFor given topic

type RouteMapper

type RouteMapper struct{}

func (*RouteMapper) GetResources

func (r *RouteMapper) GetResources(configJson string) ([]types.Any, error)

func (*RouteMapper) GetRoute

func (r *RouteMapper) GetRoute(rawObj interface{}) (retRoutes *v2.RouteConfiguration, retErr error)

func (*RouteMapper) GetRoutes

func (r *RouteMapper) GetRoutes(routesJson string) (retRoutes []*v2.RouteConfiguration, retErr error)

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