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var (
	// Config is AWS Config has AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.
	Config *aws.Config


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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is the client to control AWS.

func GetClient

func GetClient() *Client

GetClient configure and return initialized client.

func (*Client) ClusterCreate

func (c *Client) ClusterCreate(input *ecs.CreateClusterInput) (*ecs.CreateClusterOutput, error)

ClusterCreate create ECS cluster

func (*Client) ClusterDelete

func (c *Client) ClusterDelete(input *ecs.DeleteClusterInput) (*ecs.DeleteClusterOutput, error)

ClusterDelete delete ECS cluster

func (*Client) ClusterList

func (c *Client) ClusterList(input *ecs.ListClustersInput) (*ecs.ListClustersOutput, error)

ClusterList show the list of ECS clusters

func (*Client) ServiceCreate

func (c *Client) ServiceCreate(input *ecs.CreateServiceInput) (*ecs.CreateServiceOutput, error)

ServiceCreate create ECS service

func (*Client) ServiceList

func (c *Client) ServiceList(input *ecs.ListServicesInput) (*ecs.ListServicesOutput, error)

ServiceList return the list of ECS services

func (*Client) ServiceUpdate

func (c *Client) ServiceUpdate(input *ecs.UpdateServiceInput) (*ecs.UpdateServiceOutput, error)

ServiceUpdate update ECS service

func (*Client) TaskDefs

TaskDefs return the list of ECS task definitions

func (*Client) TaskRegister

TaskRegister regsiter ECS task definitions

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