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coincheck exchange client API for golang

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$ go get github.com/takuyaohashi/goincheck

Usage Example

package main

import (


const (
    accessKey       = "hoge"
    secretAccessKey = "huga"

func main() {
    client, _ := goincheck.NewClient(accessKey, secretAccessKey)
    tikcer, _ := client.GetTicker()
    fmt.Printf("Tikcer = %+v\n", tikcer)

For detail, please check sample/cmd/goincheck directory or GoDoc.







Package goincheck is client for Coincheck Exchange API

Package goincheck is client for Coincheck Exchange API

Package goincheck is client for Coincheck Exchange API



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func Version

func Version() string

Version returns current version.


type Balance

type Balance struct {
	Success      bool   `json:"success"`
	Jpy          string `json:"jpy"`
	Btc          string `json:"btc"`
	JpyReserved  string `json:"jpy_reserved"`
	BtcReserved  string `json:"btc_reserved"`
	JpyLendInUse string `json:"jpy_lend_in_use"`
	BtcLendInUse string `json:"btc_lend_in_use"`
	JpyLend      string `json:"jpy_lent"`
	BtcLend      string `json:"btc_lent"`
	JpyDebt      string `json:"jpy_debt"`
	BtcDebt      string `json:"btc_debt"`

Balance struct represents Coincheck Balance API Response.

type Client

type Client struct {
	BaseURL *url.URL

	HTTPClient *http.Client
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client struct represents Coincheck API client.

func NewClient

func NewClient(key, secretKey string) (*Client, error)

NewClient creats Client Struct.

func (*Client) GetBalance

func (cli *Client) GetBalance(ctx context.Context) (*Balance, error)

func (*Client) GetExchangeRate

func (cli *Client) GetExchangeRate(ctx context.Context) (*ExchangeRate, error)

func (*Client) GetOrderBook

func (cli *Client) GetOrderBook(ctx context.Context) (*OrderBook, error)

func (*Client) GetRatePair

func (cli *Client) GetRatePair(ctx context.Context, pair Pair) (*RatePair, error)

func (*Client) GetTicker

func (cli *Client) GetTicker(ctx context.Context) (*Ticker, error)

func (*Client) GetTrade

func (cli *Client) GetTrade(ctx context.Context) (*[]Trade, error)

func (*Client) OrderToBuy

func (cli *Client) OrderToBuy(ctx context.Context, rate int, amount float64) (*Order, error)

func (*Client) OrderToMarketBuy

func (cli *Client) OrderToMarketBuy(ctx context.Context, yen int) (*Order, error)

func (*Client) OrderToMarketSell

func (cli *Client) OrderToMarketSell(ctx context.Context, amount float64) (*Order, error)

func (*Client) OrderToSell

func (cli *Client) OrderToSell(ctx context.Context, rate int, amount float64) (*Order, error)

type ExchangeRate

type ExchangeRate struct {
	Success bool `json:"success"`
	Rate    int  `json:"rate"`
	Price   int  `json:"price"`
	Amount  int  `json:"amount"`

ExchangeRate struct represents Coincheck ExchangeRate API Response.

type Order

type Order struct {
	Success      bool    `json:"success"`
	ID           int     `json:"id"`
	Pair         string  `json:"pair"`
	OrderType    string  `json:"order_type"`
	Amount       float64 `json:"amount"`
	Rate         int     `json:"rate"`
	StopLossRate int     `json:"stop_less_rate"`
	CreatedAt    string  `json:"created_at"`
	Error        string  `json:"error"`

Order struct represents Coincheck Order API Response.

type OrderBook

type OrderBook struct {
	Asks [][]string `json:"asks"`
	Bids [][]string `json:"bids"`

OrderBook struct represents Coincheck OrderBook API Response.

type Pair

type Pair string

Pair shows exchange pairs.

const (
	// BtcJpy is pair of BTC(Bitcoin) and Japanese yen.
	BtcJpy Pair = "btc_jpy"

	// EthJpy is pair of ETH(Ethereum) and Japanese yen.
	EthJpy Pair = "eth_jpy"

	// EtcJpy is pair of ETC(Ethereum Classic) and Japanese yen.
	EtcJpy Pair = "etc_jpy"

	// DaoJpy is pair of DAO and Japanese yen.
	DaoJpy Pair = "dao_jpy"

	// LskJpy is pair of Lsk(Lisk) and Japanese yen.
	LskJpy Pair = "lsk_jpy"

	// FctJpy is pair of FCT(Factom) and Japanese yen.
	FctJpy Pair = "fct_jpy"

	// XmrJpy is pair of XMR(Manero) and Japanese yen.
	XmrJpy Pair = "xmr_jpy"

	// RepJpy is pair of REP(Augur) and Japanese yen.
	RepJpy Pair = "rep_jpy"

	// XrpJpy is pair of XRP(Ripple) and Japanese yen.
	XrpJpy Pair = "xrp_jpy"

	// ZecJpy is pair of ZEC(Zcash) and Japanese yen.
	ZecJpy Pair = "zec_jpy"

	// BchJpy is pair of BCH(Bitcoin Cash) and Japanese yen.
	BchJpy Pair = "bch_jpy"

	// EthBtc is pair of ETH(Ethereum) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	EthBtc Pair = "eth_btc"

	// EtcBtc is pair of ETC(Ethereum Classic) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	EtcBtc Pair = "etc_btc"

	// LskBtc is pair of LSK(Lisk) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	LskBtc Pair = "lsk_btc"

	// FctBtc is pair of FCT(Factom) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	FctBtc Pair = "fct_btc"

	// XmrBtc is pair of XMR(Monero) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	XmrBtc Pair = "xmr_btc"

	// RerBtc is pair of REP(Augur) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	RerBtc Pair = "rep_btc"

	// XrpBtc is pair of XRP(Ripple) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	XrpBtc Pair = "xrp_btc"

	// ZecBtc is pair of ZEC(Zcash) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	ZecBtc Pair = "zec_btc"

	// BchBtc is pair of BCH(Bitcoin Cash) and BTC(Bitcoin).
	BchBtc Pair = "bch_btc"

type RatePair

type RatePair struct {
	Rate string `json:"rate"`

RatePair struct reporesents Coincheck RatePair API Response.

type Ticker

type Ticker struct {
	Last      float64 `json:"last"`
	Bid       float64 `json:"bid"`
	Ask       float64 `json:"ask"`
	High      float64 `json:"high"`
	Low       float64 `json:"low"`
	Volume    float64 `json:"volume"`
	Timestamp float64 `json:"timestamp"`

Ticker struct represents Coincheck Ticker API Response.

type Trade

type Trade struct {
	ID        int     `json:"id"`
	Amount    string  `json:"amount"`
	Rate      float64 `json:"rate"`
	OrderType string  `json:"order_type"`
	CreatedAt string  `json:"created_at"`

Trade struct represents Coincheck Trade API Respoonse.


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