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func CamelCase added in v1.0.24

func CamelCase(s string) string

CamelCase copy from protobuf, for more information, please see

func GetComment added in v1.0.24

func GetComment(comment *proto.Comment) string

GetComment returns content with prefix //

func GoSanitized added in v1.0.24

func GoSanitized(s string) string

GoSanitized copy from protobuf, for more information, please see


type DefaultProtoParser added in v1.1.5

type DefaultProtoParser struct{}

DefaultProtoParser types a empty struct

func NewDefaultProtoParser added in v1.0.24

func NewDefaultProtoParser() *DefaultProtoParser

NewDefaultProtoParser creates a new instance

func (*DefaultProtoParser) Parse added in v1.1.5

func (p *DefaultProtoParser) Parse(src string) (Proto, error)

Parse provides to parse the proto file into a golang structure, which is convenient for subsequent rpc generation and use

type Import added in v1.0.21

type Import struct {

Import embeds proto.Import

type Message added in v1.0.21

type Message struct {

Message embeds proto.Message

type Option added in v1.0.24

type Option struct {

Option embeds proto.Option

type Package added in v1.0.24

type Package struct {

Package defines the protobuf package.

type Proto added in v1.0.21

type Proto struct {
	Src       string
	Name      string
	Package   Package
	PbPackage string
	GoPackage string
	Import    []Import
	Message   []Message
	Service   Service

Proto describes a proto file,

type RPC added in v1.0.24

type RPC struct {

RPC embeds proto.RPC

type Service added in v1.0.24

type Service struct {

Service describes the rpc service, which is the relevant content after the translation of the proto file

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