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The Honey Bee DB behaves like a beehive. A key-value database built in GOLANG.

How to run the database using docker:

  1. Golang
  2. Docker + docker-compose
Running the database using docker (run from the project root folder):
docker-compose up


How to run tests:
go test github.com/talbor49/HoneyBee/tests

How to use?

Clients at https://github.com/talbor49/HoneyBeeClient

Things to remember while developing:

  1. Compress data - save pointers to data, etc.
  2. RAM is the cache, everything is saved to memory eventually
  3. Distributing the DB into multiple machines. Split the data, split the tasks, synchronize.
  4. Make it stable & durable - have replica, backup data, keep logs, avoid single point of failures.


  1. Properly test.
  2. Properly documentate.
  3. Properly log.


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