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Package mysql wraps the C client library for MySQL.



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func Connect

func Connect(params sqldb.ConnParams) (sqldb.Conn, error)

Connect uses the connection parameters to connect and returns the connection


type Connection

type Connection struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Connection encapsulates a C mysql library connection

func (*Connection) Close

func (conn *Connection) Close()

Close closes the mysql connection

func (*Connection) CloseResult

func (conn *Connection) CloseResult()

CloseResult finishes the result set

func (*Connection) ExecuteFetch

func (conn *Connection) ExecuteFetch(query string, maxrows int, wantfields bool) (qr *sqltypes.Result, err error)

ExecuteFetch executes the query on the connection

func (*Connection) ExecuteStreamFetch

func (conn *Connection) ExecuteStreamFetch(query string) (err error)

ExecuteStreamFetch starts a streaming query to mysql. Use FetchNext on the Connection until it returns nil or error

func (*Connection) FetchNext

func (conn *Connection) FetchNext() (row []sqltypes.Value, err error)

FetchNext returns the next row for a query

func (*Connection) Fields

func (conn *Connection) Fields() (fields []*querypb.Field, err error)

Fields returns the current fields description for the query

func (*Connection) ID

func (conn *Connection) ID() int64

ID returns the MySQL thread_id of the connection.

func (*Connection) IsClosed

func (conn *Connection) IsClosed() bool

IsClosed returns if the connection was ever closed

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