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Package flagutil contains flags that parse string lists and string maps.



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func StringListVar

func StringListVar(p *[]string, name string, defaultValue []string, usage string)

StringListVar defines a []string flag with the specified name, value and usage string. The argument 'p' points to a []string in which to store the value of the flag.


type StringListValue

type StringListValue []string

StringListValue is a []string flag that accepts a comma separated list of elements. To include an element containing a comma, quote it with a backslash '\'.

func (StringListValue) Get

func (value StringListValue) Get() interface{}

func (*StringListValue) Set

func (value *StringListValue) Set(v string) error

func (StringListValue) String

func (value StringListValue) String() string

type StringMapValue

type StringMapValue map[string]string

StringMapValue is a map[string]string flag. It accepts a comma-separated list of key value pairs, of the form key:value. The keys cannot contain colons.

func (StringMapValue) Get

func (value StringMapValue) Get() interface{}

func (*StringMapValue) Set

func (value *StringMapValue) Set(v string) error

func (StringMapValue) String

func (value StringMapValue) String() string

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