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Published: May 22, 2017 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 20 Imported by: 0



Package etcdtopo implements topo.Server with etcd as the backend.

We expect the following behavior from the etcd client library:

  - Get and Delete return EcodeKeyNotFound if the node doesn't exist.
  - Create returns EcodeNodeExist if the node already exists.
	- Intermediate directories are always created automatically if necessary.
	- CompareAndSwap returns EcodeKeyNotFound if the node doesn't exist already.
	  It returns EcodeTestFailed if the provided version index doesn't match.

We follow these conventions within this package:

- Call convertError(err) on any errors returned from the etcd client library.
  Functions defined in this package can be assumed to have already converted
  errors as necessary.



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const (
	EcodeKeyNotFound    = 100
	EcodeTestFailed     = 101
	EcodeNotFile        = 102
	EcodeNoMorePeer     = 103
	EcodeNotDir         = 104
	EcodeNodeExist      = 105
	EcodeKeyIsPreserved = 106
	EcodeRootROnly      = 107
	EcodeDirNotEmpty    = 108

	EcodeValueRequired     = 200
	EcodePrevValueRequired = 201
	EcodeTTLNaN            = 202
	EcodeIndexNaN          = 203

	EcodeRaftInternal = 300
	EcodeLeaderElect  = 301

	EcodeWatcherCleared    = 400
	EcodeEventIndexCleared = 401

Error codes returned by etcd:


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var (
	// ErrBadResponse is returned from this package if the response from the etcd
	// server does not contain the data that the API promises. The etcd client
	// unmarshals JSON from the server into a Response struct that uses pointers,
	// so we need to check for nil pointers, or else a misbehaving etcd could
	// cause us to panic.
	ErrBadResponse = errors.New("etcd request returned success, but response is missing required data")

Errors specific to this package.


This section is empty.


type Client

type Client interface {
	CompareAndDelete(key string, prevValue string, prevIndex uint64) (*etcd.Response, error)
	CompareAndSwap(key string, value string, ttl uint64,
		prevValue string, prevIndex uint64) (*etcd.Response, error)
	Create(key string, value string, ttl uint64) (*etcd.Response, error)
	Delete(key string, recursive bool) (*etcd.Response, error)
	DeleteDir(key string) (*etcd.Response, error)
	Get(key string, sort, recursive bool) (*etcd.Response, error)
	Set(key string, value string, ttl uint64) (*etcd.Response, error)
	SetCluster(machines []string) bool
	Watch(prefix string, waitIndex uint64, recursive bool,
		receiver chan *etcd.Response, stop chan bool) (*etcd.Response, error)

Client contains the parts of etcd.Client that are needed.

type EtcdVersion

type EtcdVersion uint64

EtcdVersion is etcd's idea of a version. It implements topo.Version. We use the native etcd version type, uint64.

func (EtcdVersion) String

func (v EtcdVersion) String() string

String is part of the topo.Version interface.

type Explorer

type Explorer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Explorer is an implementation of vtctld's Explorer interface for etcd.

func NewExplorer

func NewExplorer(ts *Server) *Explorer

NewExplorer implements vtctld Explorer.

func (Explorer) HandlePath

func (ex Explorer) HandlePath(rPath string, r *http.Request) *explorer.Result

HandlePath implements vtctld Explorer.

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server is the implementation of topo.Server for etcd.

func NewServer

func NewServer() *Server

NewServer returns a new etcdtopo.Server.

func (*Server) Close

func (s *Server) Close()

Close implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) Create

func (s *Server) Create(ctx context.Context, cell, filePath string, contents []byte) (topo.Version, error)

Create is part of the topo.Backend interface.

func (*Server) CreateKeyspace

func (s *Server) CreateKeyspace(ctx context.Context, keyspace string, value *topodatapb.Keyspace) error

CreateKeyspace implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) CreateShard

func (s *Server) CreateShard(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard string, value *topodatapb.Shard) error

CreateShard implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) CreateTablet

func (s *Server) CreateTablet(ctx context.Context, tablet *topodatapb.Tablet) error

CreateTablet implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) Delete

func (s *Server) Delete(ctx context.Context, cell, filePath string, version topo.Version) error

Delete is part of the topo.Backend interface.

func (*Server) DeleteKeyspace

func (s *Server) DeleteKeyspace(ctx context.Context, keyspace string) error

DeleteKeyspace implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) DeleteKeyspaceReplication

func (s *Server) DeleteKeyspaceReplication(ctx context.Context, cellName, keyspace string) error

DeleteKeyspaceReplication implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) DeleteShard

func (s *Server) DeleteShard(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard string) error

DeleteShard implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) DeleteShardReplication

func (s *Server) DeleteShardReplication(ctx context.Context, cellName, keyspace, shard string) error

DeleteShardReplication implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) DeleteSrvKeyspace

func (s *Server) DeleteSrvKeyspace(ctx context.Context, cellName, keyspace string) error

DeleteSrvKeyspace implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) DeleteTablet

func (s *Server) DeleteTablet(ctx context.Context, tabletAlias *topodatapb.TabletAlias) error

DeleteTablet implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) Get

func (s *Server) Get(ctx context.Context, cell, filePath string) ([]byte, topo.Version, error)

Get is part of the topo.Backend interface.

func (*Server) GetKeyspace

func (s *Server) GetKeyspace(ctx context.Context, keyspace string) (*topodatapb.Keyspace, int64, error)

GetKeyspace implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetKeyspaces

func (s *Server) GetKeyspaces(ctx context.Context) ([]string, error)

GetKeyspaces implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetKnownCells

func (s *Server) GetKnownCells(ctx context.Context) ([]string, error)

GetKnownCells implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetShard

func (s *Server) GetShard(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard string) (*topodatapb.Shard, int64, error)

GetShard implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetShardNames

func (s *Server) GetShardNames(ctx context.Context, keyspace string) ([]string, error)

GetShardNames implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetShardReplication

func (s *Server) GetShardReplication(ctx context.Context, cell, keyspace, shard string) (*topo.ShardReplicationInfo, error)

GetShardReplication implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetSrvKeyspace

func (s *Server) GetSrvKeyspace(ctx context.Context, cellName, keyspace string) (*topodatapb.SrvKeyspace, error)

GetSrvKeyspace implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetSrvKeyspaceNames

func (s *Server) GetSrvKeyspaceNames(ctx context.Context, cellName string) ([]string, error)

GetSrvKeyspaceNames implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetSrvVSchema

func (s *Server) GetSrvVSchema(ctx context.Context, cellName string) (*vschemapb.SrvVSchema, error)

GetSrvVSchema implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetTablet

func (s *Server) GetTablet(ctx context.Context, tabletAlias *topodatapb.TabletAlias) (*topodatapb.Tablet, int64, error)

GetTablet implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetTabletsByCell

func (s *Server) GetTabletsByCell(ctx context.Context, cellName string) ([]*topodatapb.TabletAlias, error)

GetTabletsByCell implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) GetVSchema

func (s *Server) GetVSchema(ctx context.Context, keyspace string) (*vschemapb.Keyspace, error)

GetVSchema fetches the vschema from the topo.

func (*Server) ListDir

func (s *Server) ListDir(ctx context.Context, cell, dirPath string) ([]string, error)

ListDir is part of the topo.Backend interface.

func (*Server) LockKeyspaceForAction

func (s *Server) LockKeyspaceForAction(ctx context.Context, keyspace, contents string) (string, error)

LockKeyspaceForAction implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) LockShardForAction

func (s *Server) LockShardForAction(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard, contents string) (string, error)

LockShardForAction implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) NewMasterParticipation

func (s *Server) NewMasterParticipation(name, id string) (topo.MasterParticipation, error)

NewMasterParticipation is part of the topo.Server interface

func (*Server) SaveVSchema

func (s *Server) SaveVSchema(ctx context.Context, keyspace string, vschema *vschemapb.Keyspace) error

SaveVSchema saves the JSON vschema into the topo.

func (*Server) UnlockKeyspaceForAction

func (s *Server) UnlockKeyspaceForAction(ctx context.Context, keyspace, actionPath, results string) error

UnlockKeyspaceForAction implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) UnlockShardForAction

func (s *Server) UnlockShardForAction(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard, actionPath, results string) error

UnlockShardForAction implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) Update

func (s *Server) Update(ctx context.Context, cell, filePath string, contents []byte, version topo.Version) (topo.Version, error)

Update is part of the topo.Backend interface.

func (*Server) UpdateKeyspace

func (s *Server) UpdateKeyspace(ctx context.Context, keyspace string, value *topodatapb.Keyspace, existingVersion int64) (int64, error)

UpdateKeyspace implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) UpdateShard

func (s *Server) UpdateShard(ctx context.Context, keyspace, shard string, value *topodatapb.Shard, existingVersion int64) (int64, error)

UpdateShard implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) UpdateShardReplicationFields

func (s *Server) UpdateShardReplicationFields(ctx context.Context, cell, keyspace, shard string, updateFunc func(*topodatapb.ShardReplication) error) error

UpdateShardReplicationFields implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) UpdateSrvKeyspace

func (s *Server) UpdateSrvKeyspace(ctx context.Context, cellName, keyspace string, srvKeyspace *topodatapb.SrvKeyspace) error

UpdateSrvKeyspace implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) UpdateSrvVSchema

func (s *Server) UpdateSrvVSchema(ctx context.Context, cellName string, srvVSchema *vschemapb.SrvVSchema) error

UpdateSrvVSchema implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) UpdateTablet

func (s *Server) UpdateTablet(ctx context.Context, tablet *topodatapb.Tablet, existingVersion int64) (int64, error)

UpdateTablet implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) ValidateTablet

func (s *Server) ValidateTablet(ctx context.Context, tabletAlias *topodatapb.TabletAlias) error

ValidateTablet implements topo.Server.

func (*Server) Watch

func (s *Server) Watch(ctx context.Context, cellName, filePath string) (*topo.WatchData, <-chan *topo.WatchData, topo.CancelFunc)

Watch is part of the topo.Backend interface

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