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Package backupstorage contains the interface and file system implementation of the backup system.



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var (
	// BackupStorageImplementation is the implementation to use
	// for BackupStorage. Exported for test purposes.
	BackupStorageImplementation = flag.String("backup_storage_implementation", "", "which implementation to use for the backup storage feature")
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var BackupStorageMap = make(map[string]BackupStorage)

BackupStorageMap contains the registered implementations for BackupStorage


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type BackupHandle

type BackupHandle interface {
	// Directory is the location of the backup. Will contain keyspace/shard.
	Directory() string

	// Name is the individual name of the backup. Will contain
	// tabletAlias-timestamp.
	Name() string

	// AddFile opens a new file to be added to the backup.
	// Only works for read-write backups (created by StartBackup).
	// filename is guaranteed to only contain alphanumerical
	// characters and hyphens.
	// It should be thread safe, it is possible to call AddFile in
	// multiple go routines once a backup has been started.
	// The context is valid for the duration of the writes, until the
	// WriteCloser is closed.
	AddFile(ctx context.Context, filename string) (io.WriteCloser, error)

	// EndBackup stops and closes a backup. The contents should be kept.
	// Only works for read-write backups (created by StartBackup).
	EndBackup(ctx context.Context) error

	// AbortBackup stops a backup, and removes the contents that
	// have been copied already. It is called if an error occurs
	// while the backup is being taken, and the backup cannot be finished.
	// Only works for read-write backups (created by StartBackup).
	AbortBackup(ctx context.Context) error

	// ReadFile starts reading a file from a backup.
	// Only works for read-only backups (created by ListBackups).
	// The context is valid for the duration of the reads, until the
	// ReadCloser is closed.
	ReadFile(ctx context.Context, filename string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

BackupHandle describes an individual backup.

type BackupStorage

type BackupStorage interface {
	// ListBackups returns all the backups in a directory.  The
	// returned backups are read-only (ReadFile can be called, but
	// AddFile/EndBackup/AbortBackup cannot).
	// The backups are string-sorted by Name(), ascending (ends up
	// being the oldest backup first).
	ListBackups(ctx context.Context, dir string) ([]BackupHandle, error)

	// StartBackup creates a new backup with the given name.  If a
	// backup with the same name already exists, it's an error.
	// The returned backup is read-write
	// (AddFile/EndBackup/AbortBackup can all be called, not
	// ReadFile). The provided context is only valid for that
	// function, and should not be stored by the implementation.
	StartBackup(ctx context.Context, dir, name string) (BackupHandle, error)

	// RemoveBackup removes all the data associated with a backup.
	// It will not appear in ListBackups after RemoveBackup succeeds.
	RemoveBackup(ctx context.Context, dir, name string) error

	// Close frees resources associated with an active backup
	// session, such as closing connections. Implementations of
	// BackupStorage must support being reused after Close() is called.
	Close() error

BackupStorage is the interface to the storage system

func GetBackupStorage

func GetBackupStorage() (BackupStorage, error)

GetBackupStorage returns the current BackupStorage implementation. Should be called after flags have been initialized. When all operations are done, call BackupStorage.Close() to free resources.

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