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Package topoproto contains utility functions to deal with the proto3 structures defined in proto/topodata.



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AllTabletTypes lists all the possible tablet types

SlaveTabletTypes contains all the tablet type that can have replication enabled.


func IsTypeInList

func IsTypeInList(tabletType topodatapb.TabletType, types []topodatapb.TabletType) bool

IsTypeInList returns true if the given type is in the list. Use it with AllTabletType and SlaveTabletType for instance.

func KeyspaceShardString

func KeyspaceShardString(keyspace, shard string) string

KeyspaceShardString returns a "keyspace/shard" string taking keyspace and shard as separate inputs.

func MakeStringTypeList

func MakeStringTypeList(types []topodatapb.TabletType) []string

MakeStringTypeList returns a list of strings that match the input list.

func ParseKeyspaceShard

func ParseKeyspaceShard(param string) (string, string, error)

ParseKeyspaceShard parse a "keyspace/shard" string and extract both keyspace and shard

func ParseTabletAlias

func ParseTabletAlias(aliasStr string) (*topodatapb.TabletAlias, error)

ParseTabletAlias returns a TabletAlias for the input string, of the form <cell>-<uid>

func ParseTabletType

func ParseTabletType(param string) (topodatapb.TabletType, error)

ParseTabletType parses the tablet type into the enum

func ParseUID

func ParseUID(value string) (uint32, error)

ParseUID parses just the uid (a number)

func ShardHasCell

func ShardHasCell(shard *topodatapb.Shard, cell string) bool

ShardHasCell returns true if the cell is listed in the Cells for the shard.

func SourceShardAsHTML

func SourceShardAsHTML(source *topodatapb.Shard_SourceShard) template.HTML

SourceShardAsHTML returns a HTML version of the object.

func SourceShardString

func SourceShardString(source *topodatapb.Shard_SourceShard) string

SourceShardString returns a printable view of a SourceShard.

func SrvKeyspaceGetPartition

func SrvKeyspaceGetPartition(sk *topodatapb.SrvKeyspace, tabletType topodatapb.TabletType) *topodatapb.SrvKeyspace_KeyspacePartition

SrvKeyspaceGetPartition returns a Partition for the given tablet type, or nil if it's not there.

func TabletAddr

func TabletAddr(tablet *topodatapb.Tablet) string

TabletAddr returns hostname:vt port associated with a tablet

func TabletAliasEqual

func TabletAliasEqual(left, right *topodatapb.TabletAlias) bool

TabletAliasEqual returns true if two TabletAlias match

func TabletAliasIsZero

func TabletAliasIsZero(ta *topodatapb.TabletAlias) bool

TabletAliasIsZero returns true iff cell and uid are empty

func TabletAliasString

func TabletAliasString(ta *topodatapb.TabletAlias) string

TabletAliasString formats a TabletAlias

func TabletAliasUIDStr

func TabletAliasUIDStr(ta *topodatapb.TabletAlias) string

TabletAliasUIDStr returns a string version of the uid

func TabletDbName

func TabletDbName(tablet *topodatapb.Tablet) string

TabletDbName is usually implied by keyspace. Having the shard information in the database name complicates mysql replication.

func TabletIsAssigned

func TabletIsAssigned(tablet *topodatapb.Tablet) bool

TabletIsAssigned returns if this tablet is assigned to a keyspace and shard. A "scrap" node will show up as assigned even though its data cannot be used for serving.

func TabletTypeLString

func TabletTypeLString(tabletType topodatapb.TabletType) string

TabletTypeLString returns a lower case version of the tablet type, or "unknown" if not known.


type ShardReferenceArray

type ShardReferenceArray []*topodatapb.ShardReference

ShardReferenceArray is used for sorting ShardReference arrays

func (ShardReferenceArray) Len

func (sra ShardReferenceArray) Len() int

Len implements sort.Interface

func (ShardReferenceArray) Less

func (sra ShardReferenceArray) Less(i, j int) bool

Len implements sort.Interface

func (ShardReferenceArray) Sort

func (sra ShardReferenceArray) Sort()

Sort will sort the list according to KeyRange.Start

func (ShardReferenceArray) Swap

func (sra ShardReferenceArray) Swap(i, j int)

Len implements sort.Interface

type TabletAliasList

type TabletAliasList []*topodatapb.TabletAlias

TabletAliasList is used mainly for sorting

func (TabletAliasList) Len

func (tal TabletAliasList) Len() int

Len is part of sort.Interface

func (TabletAliasList) Less

func (tal TabletAliasList) Less(i, j int) bool

Less is part of sort.Interface

func (TabletAliasList) Swap

func (tal TabletAliasList) Swap(i, j int)

Swap is part of sort.Interface

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