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var (
	// ErrTooComplex indicates given sql query is too complex.
	ErrTooComplex = errors.New("Complex")


func GenerateDeleteOuterQuery

func GenerateDeleteOuterQuery(del *sqlparser.Delete) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateDeleteOuterQuery generates the outer query for deletes.

func GenerateDeleteSubquery

func GenerateDeleteSubquery(del *sqlparser.Delete, table *schema.Table) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateDeleteSubquery generates the subquery for deletes.

func GenerateFieldQuery

func GenerateFieldQuery(statement sqlparser.Statement) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateFieldQuery generates a query to just fetch the field info by adding impossible where clauses as needed.

func GenerateFullQuery

func GenerateFullQuery(statement sqlparser.Statement) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateFullQuery generates the full query from the ast.

func GenerateInsertOuterQuery

func GenerateInsertOuterQuery(ins *sqlparser.Insert) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateInsertOuterQuery generates the outer query for inserts.

func GenerateLimitQuery

func GenerateLimitQuery(selStmt sqlparser.SelectStatement) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateLimitQuery generates a select query with a limit clause.

func GenerateLoadMessagesQuery

func GenerateLoadMessagesQuery(ins *sqlparser.Insert) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateLoadMessagesQuery generates the query to load messages after insert.

func GenerateSubquery

func GenerateSubquery(columns []sqlparser.ColIdent, table *sqlparser.AliasedTableExpr, where *sqlparser.Where, order sqlparser.OrderBy, limit *sqlparser.Limit, forUpdate bool) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateSubquery generates a subquery based on the input parameters.

func GenerateUpdateOuterQuery

func GenerateUpdateOuterQuery(upd *sqlparser.Update) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateUpdateOuterQuery generates the outer query for updates.

func GenerateUpdateSubquery

func GenerateUpdateSubquery(upd *sqlparser.Update, table *schema.Table) *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

GenerateUpdateSubquery generates the subquery for updats.


type DDLPlan

type DDLPlan struct {
	Action    string
	TableName *sqlparser.TableName
	NewName   *sqlparser.TableName

DDLPlan provides a plan for DDLs.

func DDLParse

func DDLParse(sql string) (plan *DDLPlan)

DDLParse parses a DDL and produces a DDLPlan.

type MessageRowValues

type MessageRowValues struct {
	TimeNext interface{}
	ID       interface{}
	Message  interface{}

MessageRowValues is used to store the values of a message row in a plan.

type Plan

type Plan struct {
	PlanID PlanType
	Reason ReasonType
	Table  *schema.Table

	// FieldQuery is used to fetch field info
	FieldQuery *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

	// FullQuery will be set for all plans.
	FullQuery *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

	// For PK plans, only OuterQuery is set.
	// For SUBQUERY plans, Subquery is also set.
	OuterQuery  *sqlparser.ParsedQuery
	Subquery    *sqlparser.ParsedQuery
	UpsertQuery *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

	// PlanInsertSubquery: columns to be inserted.
	ColumnNumbers []int

	// PKValues is an sqltypes.Value if it's sourced
	// from the query. If it's a bind var then it's
	// a string including the ':' prefix(es).
	// PlanDMLPK: where clause values.
	// PlanInsertPK: values clause.
	// PlanNextVal: increment.
	PKValues []interface{}

	// For update: set clause if pk is changing.
	SecondaryPKValues []interface{}

	// WhereClause is set for DMLs. It is used by the hot row protection
	// to serialize e.g. UPDATEs going to the same row.
	WhereClause *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

	// For PlanInsertSubquery: pk columns in the subquery result.
	SubqueryPKColumns []int

	// For PlanInsertMessage. Query used to reload inserted messages.
	MessageReloaderQuery *sqlparser.ParsedQuery

Plan is built for selects and DMLs.

func Build

func Build(sql string, tables map[string]*schema.Table) (plan *Plan, err error)

Build builds a plan based on the schema.

func BuildStreaming

func BuildStreaming(sql string, tables map[string]*schema.Table) (plan *Plan, err error)

BuildStreaming builds a streaming plan based on the schema.

func (*Plan) TableName

func (plan *Plan) TableName() sqlparser.TableIdent

TableName returns the table name for the plan.

type PlanType

type PlanType int

PlanType indicates a query plan type.

const (
	// PlanPassSelect is pass through select statements. This is the
	// default plan for select statements.
	PlanPassSelect PlanType = iota
	// PlanSelectLock is for a select that locks.
	// PlanNextval is for NEXTVAL
	// PlanPassDML is pass through update & delete statements. This is
	// the default plan for update and delete statements.
	// PlanDMLPK is an update or delete with an equality where clause(s)
	// on primary key(s)
	// PlanDMLSubquery is an update or delete with a subselect statement
	// PlanInsertPK is insert statement where the PK value is
	// supplied with the query
	// PlanInsertSubquery is same as PlanDMLSubquery but for inserts
	// PlanUpsertPK is for insert ... on duplicate key constructs
	// PlanInsertMessage is for inserting into message tables
	// PlanSet is for SET statements
	// PlanDDL is for DDL statements
	// PlanSelectStream is used for streaming queries
	// PlanOther is for SHOW, DESCRIBE & EXPLAIN statements
	// NumPlans stores the total number of plans

func PlanByName

func PlanByName(s string) (pt PlanType, ok bool)

PlanByName find a PlanType by its string name.

func (PlanType) IsSelect

func (pt PlanType) IsSelect() bool

IsSelect returns true if PlanType is about a select query.

func (PlanType) MarshalJSON

func (pt PlanType) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON returns a json string for PlanType.

func (PlanType) MinRole

func (pt PlanType) MinRole() tableacl.Role

MinRole is the minimum Role required to execute this PlanType.

func (PlanType) String

func (pt PlanType) String() string

type ReasonType

type ReasonType int

ReasonType indicates why a query plan fails to build

const (
	ReasonDefault ReasonType = iota

Reason codes give a hint about why a certain plan was chosen.

func (ReasonType) MarshalJSON

func (rt ReasonType) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON returns a json string for ReasonType.

func (ReasonType) String

func (rt ReasonType) String() string

String returns a string representation of a ReasonType.

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