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func NoDynamicCall

func NoDynamicCall(a string) string

No because a different function might have modified the value of b between invocations of NoDynamicCall

func NoGlobalRead

func NoGlobalRead() string

func NoGlobalWrite

func NoGlobalWrite(a string)

func NoInterface

func NoInterface(a Foo)

func NoNet

func NoNet(a string) error

func NoPrint

func NoPrint(a string)

func NoWriteErr

func NoWriteErr()

func NoWriter

func NoWriter()

func Yes

func Yes() string

func YesAnonymousDynamicCall

func YesAnonymousDynamicCall() string

func YesAppend

func YesAppend(a string) string

func YesErr

func YesErr() error

func YesFmtErr

func YesFmtErr(a int) error

func YesFuncParam

func YesFuncParam() string

func YesLog

func YesLog()

func YesManipulate

func YesManipulate(a string) string

func YesMaybePanic

func YesMaybePanic(i byte)

func YesPanic

func YesPanic()

func YesPanicArray

func YesPanicArray() bool

func YesPanicNil

func YesPanicNil() string

func YesRead

func YesRead() uint16

func YesVariadic

func YesVariadic(nums int


type Foo

type Foo interface {

type MyStuff

type MyStuff struct {
	MyValue string

func YesParser

func YesParser(a string) *MyStuff

func (*MyStuff) NoWrite

func (a *MyStuff) NoWrite()

func (*MyStuff) YesMultArgs

func (a *MyStuff) YesMultArgs(b string, c string)

func (*MyStuff) YesParse

func (a *MyStuff) YesParse(b string)

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