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This utility helps secure the network interfaces on DigitalOcean droplets by adding iptable rules that only allow traffic from your other droplets. droplan queries the DigitalOcean API and automatically updates iptable rules.


The latest release is available on the github release page.

You can setup a cron job to run every 5 minutes in /etc/cron.d

*/5 * * * * root PATH=/sbin DO_KEY=READONLY_KEY /usr/local/bin/droplan >/var/log/droplan.log 2>&1


DO_KEY=<read_only_api_token> /path/to/droplan

The iptables rules added by droplan are equivalent to:

-N droplan-peers # create a new chain
-A INPUT -i eth1 -j droplan-peers # add chain to private interface
-A INPUT -i eth1 -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth1 -j DROP # add default DROP rule to private interface
-A droplan-peers -s <PEER>/32 -j ACCEPT # allow traffic from PEER ip address

Access can be limited to a subset of droplets using tags. The DO_TAG environment variable tells droplan to only allow access to droplets with the specified tag.

Public Interface

Add the PUBLIC=true environment variable and droplan will maintain an iptables chain of droplan-peers-public with the public ip addresses of peers and add a default drop rule to the eth0 interface.

NOTE: This will prevent you from being able to directly ssh into your droplet.



Dependencies are vendored with govendor.


A Makefile is included:

  • test - runs unit tests
  • build - builds droplan on the current platform
  • release - builds releasable artifacts

Docker image:

We provide a prebuilt docker image

Example usage:

docker run -d --restart=always --net=host --cap-add=NET_ADMIN -e DO_KEY=$your_digitalocean_api_key -e DO_INTERVAL=300 tam7t/droplan
  • -d --restart=always starts the container in the background and restarts it on error (and on reboot)
  • --net=host is required because we want to affect the host's firewall rules, not the container's
  • --cap-add=NET_ADMIN to allow changing the host's firewall rules
  • specify -e DO_INTERVAL=300 to change the delay (in seconds) between droplan invocations (default: execute once and exit)
  • you have to specify your DigitalOcean API key (using -e DO_KEY)
  • you can add -e PUBLIC=true or -e DO_TAG=tagname as described above
  • To manually start droplan (i.e. skip the 5 minute delay between invocations), simply use docker restart $container-name


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