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type Table

type Table struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Table routes schema/table to target schema/table by given route rules

func NewTableRouter

func NewTableRouter(caseSensitive bool, rules []*TableRule) (*Table, error)

NewTableRouter returns a table router

func (*Table) AddRule

func (r *Table) AddRule(rule *TableRule) error

AddRule adds a rule into table router

func (*Table) RemoveRule

func (r *Table) RemoveRule(rule *TableRule) error

RemoveRule removes a rule from table router

func (*Table) Route

func (r *Table) Route(schema, table string) (string, string, error)

Route routes schema/table to target schema/table don't support to route schema/table to multiple schema/table

func (*Table) UpdateRule

func (r *Table) UpdateRule(rule *TableRule) error

UpdateRule updates rule

type TableRule

type TableRule struct {
	SchemaPattern string `json:"schema-pattern" toml:"schema-pattern" yaml:"schema-pattern"`
	TablePattern  string `json:"table-pattern" toml:"table-pattern" yaml:"table-pattern"`
	TargetSchema  string `json:"target-schema" toml:"target-schema" yaml:"target-schema"`
	TargetTable   string `json:"target-table" toml:"target-table" yaml:"target-table"`

TableRule is a rule to route schema/table to target schema/table pattern format refers 'pkg/table-rule-selector'

func (*TableRule) ToLower

func (t *TableRule) ToLower()

ToLower covert schema/table parttern to lower case

func (*TableRule) Valid

func (t *TableRule) Valid() error

Valid checks validity of rule

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