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Published: Jun 24, 2019 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 0



binlogctl is a tool for performing some tidb-binlog related operations, like querying the status of Pump/Drainer and unregistering some Pump/Drainer.

How to use

Usage of binlogctl:
	-V	prints version and exit
	-cmd string
		operator: "generate_meta", "pumps", "drainers", "update-pump", "update-drainer", "pause-pump", "pause-drainer", "offline-pump", "offline-drainer" (default "pumps")
	-data-dir string
		meta directory path (default "binlog_position")
	-node-id string
		id of node, used to delete some node with operations delete-pump and delete-drainer
	-pd-urls string
		a comma separated list of PD endpoints (default "")
	-ssl-ca string
		Path of file that contains the list of trusted SSL CAs for connection with cluster components
	-ssl-cert string
		Path of file that contains X509 certificate in PEM format for connection with cluster components
	-ssl-key string
		Path of file that contains X509 key in PEM format for connection with cluster components
	-time-zone Asia/Shanghai
		set time zone if you want to save time info in the savepoint file, for example `Asia/Shanghai` for CST time and `Local` for the local time

Download Binary (CentOS 7+ platform)

# Download the tool package.

# Check the file integrity. If the result is OK, the file is correct.
sha256sum -c tidb-tools-latest-linux-amd64.sha256

# Extract the package.
tar -xzf tidb-tools-latest-linux-amd64.tar.gz
cd tidb-tools-latest-linux-amd64


Query Pump/Drainer

Run the following command:

bin/binlogctl -pd-urls= -cmd pumps
bin/binlogctl -pd-urls= -cmd drainers

Then the result will be like this (the output will be formatted later):

2018/06/21 11:24:10 nodes.go:53: [info] pump: &{NodeID:ip-192-168-199-118:8250 Host: IsAlive:true IsOffline:false LatestFilePos:{Suffix:0 Offset:15320} LatestKafkaPos:{Suffix:0 Offset:382} OfflineTS:0}
Unregister Pump/Drainer
update pump/drainer's state

pump/drainer's state can be online, pausing, paused, closing and offline. In most cases, we only need update pump/drainer's state to paused or offline.

bin/binlogctl -pd-urls= -cmd update-pump/update-drainer -node-id ip-127-0-0-1:8250/{nodeID} -state {state}

This cmd will update pump/drainer's state.

pause/offline pump/drainer
bin/binlogctl -pd-urls= -cmd pause-pump/pause-drainer/offline-pump/offline-drainer -node-id ip-127-0-0-1:8250/{nodeID}

binlogctl will send http request to pump/drainer, and finally pump/drainer will exit by itself with paused or offline state.

Generate meta

meta contains commit TS that can be used to specify the location of the synchronized data.

Run the following command:

bin/binlogctl -pd-urls= -cmd generate_meta

Then the result will be like this:

INFO[0000] [pd] create pd client with endpoints []
INFO[0000] [pd] leader switches to:, previous:
INFO[0000] [pd] init cluster id 6569368151110378289
2018/06/21 11:24:47 meta.go:117: [info] meta: &{CommitTS:400962745252184065}

It will also generate a {data-dir}/savepoint meta file

TODO: improve meta later, like adding offset of the Kafka topic that corresponds to each Pump node


Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


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