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The reexec package facilitates the busybox style reexec of the docker binary that we require because of the forking limitations of using Go. Handlers can be registered with a name and the argv 0 of the exec of the binary will be used to find and execute custom init paths.




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func Command

func Command(args ...string) *exec.Cmd

Command returns *exec.Cmd which have Path as current binary. Also it setting SysProcAttr.Pdeathsig to SIGTERM. This will use the in-memory version (/proc/self/exe) of the current binary, it is thus safe to delete or replace the on-disk binary (os.Args[0]).

func Init

func Init() bool

Init is called as the first part of the exec process and returns true if an initialization function was called.

func Register

func Register(name string, initializer func())

Register adds an initialization func under the specified name

func Self

func Self() string

Self returns the path to the current process's binary. Returns "/proc/self/exe".


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