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const ManageNodeCommandName = "manage-node"


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func GetPodHostFieldLabel

func GetPodHostFieldLabel(apiVersion string) string

func NewCommandManageNode

func NewCommandManageNode(f *clientcmd.Factory, commandName, fullName string, out, errout io.Writer) *cobra.Command

NewCommandManageNode implements the OpenShift cli manage-node command

func ValidOperation

func ValidOperation(c *cobra.Command) error


type EvacuateOptions

type EvacuateOptions struct {
	Options *NodeOptions

	// Optional params
	DryRun      bool
	Force       bool
	GracePeriod int64

func NewEvacuateOptions added in v1.0.7

func NewEvacuateOptions(nodeOptions *NodeOptions) *EvacuateOptions

NewEvacuateOptions creates a new EvacuateOptions with default values.

func (*EvacuateOptions) AddFlags

func (e *EvacuateOptions) AddFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func (*EvacuateOptions) Run

func (e *EvacuateOptions) Run() error

func (*EvacuateOptions) RunEvacuate

func (e *EvacuateOptions) RunEvacuate(node *kapi.Node) error

type ListPodsOptions

type ListPodsOptions struct {
	Options *NodeOptions

func (*ListPodsOptions) AddFlags

func (l *ListPodsOptions) AddFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func (*ListPodsOptions) Run

func (l *ListPodsOptions) Run() error

type NodeOptions

type NodeOptions struct {
	DefaultNamespace string
	KubeClient       kclientset.Interface
	Writer           io.Writer
	ErrWriter        io.Writer

	Mapper            meta.RESTMapper
	Typer             runtime.ObjectTyper
	RESTClientFactory func(mapping *meta.RESTMapping) (resource.RESTClient, error)
	Printer           func(mapping *meta.RESTMapping, printOptions kubectl.PrintOptions) (kubectl.ResourcePrinter, error)

	CmdPrinter       kubectl.ResourcePrinter
	CmdPrinterOutput bool

	NodeNames []string

	// Common optional params
	Selector    string
	PodSelector string

func (*NodeOptions) Complete

func (n *NodeOptions) Complete(f *clientcmd.Factory, c *cobra.Command, args []string, out, errout io.Writer) error

func (*NodeOptions) GetNodes

func (n *NodeOptions) GetNodes() ([]*kapi.Node, error)

func (*NodeOptions) GetPrinters

func (*NodeOptions) GetPrintersByObject

func (n *NodeOptions) GetPrintersByObject(obj runtime.Object) (kubectl.ResourcePrinter, error)

func (*NodeOptions) GetPrintersByResource

func (n *NodeOptions) GetPrintersByResource(resource unversioned.GroupVersionResource) (kubectl.ResourcePrinter, error)

func (*NodeOptions) Validate

func (n *NodeOptions) Validate(checkNodeSelector bool) error

type SchedulableOptions

type SchedulableOptions struct {
	Options *NodeOptions

	Schedulable bool

func (*SchedulableOptions) Run

func (s *SchedulableOptions) Run() error

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