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type AppJSON

type AppJSON struct {
	Name        string
	Description string
	Keywords    []string
	Repository  string
	Website     string
	SuccessURL  string `json:"success_url"`
	Scripts     map[string]string
	Env         map[string]EnvVarOrString
	Formation   map[string]Formation
	Image       string
	Addons      []string
	Buildpacks  []Buildpack

type Buildpack

type Buildpack struct {
	URL string `json:"url"`

type EnvVar

type EnvVar struct {
	Description string
	Generator   string
	Value       string
	Required    bool
	Default     interface{}

type EnvVarOrString

type EnvVarOrString struct {
	Value  string
	EnvVar *EnvVar

func (*EnvVarOrString) UnmarshalJSON

func (e *EnvVarOrString) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type Formation

type Formation struct {
	Quantity int32
	Size     string
	Command  string

type Generator

type Generator struct {
	LocalPath string
	Name      string
	BaseImage string

func (*Generator) Generate

func (g *Generator) Generate(body []byte) (*templateapi.Template, error)

Generate accepts a path to an app.json file and generates a template from it

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