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Package extraction decodes Prometheus clients' data streams for consumers.



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var MetricFamilyProcessor = &metricFamilyProcessor{}

MetricFamilyProcessor decodes varint encoded record length-delimited streams of io.prometheus.client.MetricFamily.

See http://godoc.org/github.com/matttproud/golang_protobuf_extensions/ext for more details.

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var Processor001 = &processor001{}

Processor001 is responsible for decoding payloads from protocol version 0.0.1.

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var Processor002 = &processor002{}

Processor002 is responsible for decoding payloads from protocol version 0.0.2.

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var Processor004 = &processor004{}

Processor004 s responsible for decoding payloads from the text based variety of protocol version 0.0.4.


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type Ingester

type Ingester interface {
	Ingest(model.Samples) error

Ingester consumes result streams in whatever way is desired by the user.

type ProcessOptions

type ProcessOptions struct {
	// Timestamp is added to each value from the stream that has no explicit
	// timestamp set.
	Timestamp model.Timestamp

ProcessOptions dictates how the interpreted stream should be rendered for consumption.

type Processor

type Processor interface {
	// ProcessSingle treats the input as a single self-contained message body and
	// transforms it accordingly.  It has no support for streaming.
	ProcessSingle(in io.Reader, out Ingester, o *ProcessOptions) error

Processor is responsible for decoding the actual message responses from stream into a format that can be consumed with the end result written to the results channel.

func ProcessorForRequestHeader

func ProcessorForRequestHeader(header http.Header) (Processor, error)

ProcessorForRequestHeader interprets a HTTP request header to determine what Processor should be used for the given input. If no acceptable Processor can be found, an error is returned.



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