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const (
	DefaultBindAddress = ":25826"

	DefaultDatabase = "collectd"

	DefaultRetentionPolicy = ""

	DefaultBatchSize = 5000

	DefaultBatchDuration = toml.Duration(10 * time.Second)

	DefaultTypesDB = "/usr/share/collectd/types.db"


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func Unmarshal

func Unmarshal(packet *gollectd.Packet) []tsdb.Point

Unmarshal translates a collectd packet into InfluxDB data points.


type Config

type Config struct {
	Enabled         bool          `toml:"enabled"`
	BindAddress     string        `toml:"bind-address"`
	Database        string        `toml:"database"`
	RetentionPolicy string        `toml:"retention-policy"`
	BatchSize       int           `toml:"batch-size"`
	BatchDuration   toml.Duration `toml:"batch-timeout"`
	TypesDB         string        `toml:"typesdb"`

Config represents a configuration for the collectd service.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() Config

NewConfig returns a new instance of Config with defaults.

type Service

type Service struct {
	Config       *Config
	MetaStore    metaStore
	PointsWriter pointsWriter
	Logger       *log.Logger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service represents a UDP server which receives metrics in collectd's binary protocol and stores them in InfluxDB.

func NewService

func NewService(c Config) *Service

NewService returns a new instance of the collectd service.

func (*Service) Addr

func (s *Service) Addr() net.Addr

Addr returns the listener's address. Returns nil if listener is closed.

func (*Service) Close

func (s *Service) Close() error

Close stops the service.

func (*Service) Err

func (s *Service) Err() chan error

Err returns a channel for fatal errors that occur on go routines.

func (*Service) Open

func (s *Service) Open() error

Open starts the service.

func (*Service) SetLogger

func (s *Service) SetLogger(l *log.Logger)

SetLogger sets the internal logger to the logger passed in.

func (*Service) SetTypes

func (s *Service) SetTypes(types string) (err error)

SetTypes sets collectd types db.


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