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Published: Dec 9, 2015 License: Apache-2.0, Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 0


Cloud Bigtable on Managed VMs using Go

(Hello World for Cloud Bigtable)

This app counts how often each user visits.


  1. Set up Cloud Console.
  2. Go to the Cloud Console and create or select your project. You will need the project ID later.
  3. Go to Settings > Project Billing Settings and enable billing.
  4. Select APIs & Auth > APIs.
  5. Enable the Cloud Bigtable API and the Cloud Bigtable Admin API. (You may need to search for the API).
  6. Set up gcloud.
  7. gcloud components update
  8. gcloud auth login
  9. gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID
  10. Download App Engine SDK for Go.
  11. go get -u
  12. In helloworld.go, change the constants project, zone and cluster

Running locally

  1. From the sample project folder, gcloud preview app run app.yaml

Deploying on Google App Engine Managed VM

  1. Install and start Docker.
  2. From the sample project folder, aedeploy gcloud preview app deploy app.yaml



helloworld tracks how often a user has visited the index page.

This program demonstrates usage of the Cloud Bigtable API for Managed VMs and Go. Instructions for running this program are in the

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