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func FromTreeToMainKey

func FromTreeToMainKey(k string) string


type Key

type Key struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func ParseKey

func ParseKey(name string) (*Key, error)

TODO: should rewrite this at some point to not rely on regular expressions & splits

func (*Key) AppName

func (k *Key) AppName() string

func (*Key) DictKey

func (k *Key) DictKey() string

func (*Key) Hashed

func (k *Key) Hashed() []byte

func (*Key) Normalized

func (k *Key) Normalized() string

func (*Key) SegmentKey

func (k *Key) SegmentKey() string

func (*Key) TreeKey

func (k *Key) TreeKey(depth int, t time.Time) string

type ParserState

type ParserState int

type Storage

type Storage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(cfg *config.Config) (*Storage, error)

func (*Storage) Close

func (s *Storage) Close() error

func (*Storage) DiskUsage

func (s *Storage) DiskUsage() map[string]bytesize.ByteSize

func (*Storage) Get

func (s *Storage) Get(startTime, endTime time.Time, key *Key) (*tree.Tree, *segment.Timeline, string, int, error)

func (*Storage) GetKeys

func (s *Storage) GetKeys(cb func(_k string) bool)

func (*Storage) GetValues

func (s *Storage) GetValues(key string, cb func(v string) bool)

func (*Storage) InstallID

func (s *Storage) InstallID() string

func (*Storage) Put

func (s *Storage) Put(startTime, endTime time.Time, key *Key, val *tree.Tree, spyName string, sampleRate int) error


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